Can a French judge clear Carlos Ghosn’s name?He hopes so

Beirut (AP) — Former car mogul Carlos Ghosn expects to be hit by at least one preliminary accusation after a French investigator visits Beirut next week and asks him on suspicion of financial misconduct. .. But he claims he hasn’t done anything wrong and hopes that their investigation will eventually be stopped.

Suspicious payments to Versailles’ luxury party, Omani car dealers, and alleged tax evasion — these have been the subject of multiple investigations in France, including Ghosn’s actions as head of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors Alliance. They were opened in new surveillance after Ghosn was shockedly arrested in Japan in 2018.

In an interview with the Associated PressHe said he hopes he is more likely to protect himself in France than Japan, who fled on a brave vacation in 2019.

“I am far more confident in the French legal system than in the Japanese legal system,” he said on Tuesday.

Still, he said there was no “illusion” that the case would be withdrawn soon.

“If at least one count didn’t pass a preliminary claim, it would be a miracle,” he said. “But … in the end, the judge will decide what is true. My goal is to provide an explanation, put my document on the table, and tell the judge under investigation a case of misconduct. Let them decide if there is, and let justice follow that path. “

In a rare move, French investigators will ask Ghosn for a few days starting Monday in Beirut, which has been given a sanctuary by Lebanese authorities. Ghosn grew up in Lebanon, has Lebanese citizenship, and Lebanon will not hand him over.

He has not been charged with anything in France yet, but may be subject to preliminary accusations of fraud, corruption, money laundering, misuse of company assets, or exacerbated trust breaches.

Ghosn says he sought a voluntary hearing.

“If I wanted to be low, I could have laid low … I had no chance to hear because the investigative judge had ever had a biased source. I would like to say that “in my description and the documentation we have, we hope we can influence the process,” he said.

He said he was completely transparent to French authorities when he moved his place of residence to the Netherlands in 2012 and dismissed individual charges of tax evasion in which millions of euros of French assets were frozen. His arrest.

Japan’s arrest triggered a scrutiny of Ghosn’s activities in France-based Renault, where the French government holds a 15% stake.

Ghosn claims that Nissan is using a French investigation to punish Ghosn.

“When I run away, they say,’OK, you know, we’re going to get the French to finish our work.’ … So they put all the paperwork in France I gave it to a person. “

In one case, the French National Financial Prosecutor’s Office is trying to identify who is liable for alleged violations in Renault between 2009 and 2020. The study also covers € 11 million in travel and other expenses paid by Renault-Nissan’s Dutch-based holding company RNBV, but suspects Ghosn’s personal use.

Ghosn says there was no cheating.

In another investigation, an investigator in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris, is examining the money spent on two parties at the nearby Palace of Versailles. Ghosn denies that they are a personal matter, but happens to fall on his 60th birthday.

“I didn’t have a birthday cake. I didn’t have a song. I didn’t have a present,” he said.

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