Can Brian Laundry’s parents have legal issues?Experts say you can’t force them to talk to the police


Screenshots of Utah police body camera footage showing Brian Laundry talking to a police officer.

Screenshots from Moab Municipal Police footage of Petit and Laundry on August 12, 2021. MCPD

  • Brian Laundry has been issued a federal arrest warrant in connection with his fiancĂ© Gabby Petit’s case.

  • Criminal justice experts say Laundry’s parents, who reported he was missing, cannot be forced to speak to the police.

  • A Laundry lawyer told insiders that his parents had previously spoken to the FBI.

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Brian Laundry’s parents can’t force you to talk to the authorities Federal arrest warrant issued A criminal justice expert told insiders for his son in connection with the Gabby Petit case.

Laundry’s fiancĂ©, Petit, was found dead in Grand Teton National Park on September 19, and was initially a coroner. Decided the method of death to be murder..

Then on Wednesday, Wyoming’s grand jury charged Laundry for credit card fraud, and the accusation that the FBI Denver office said in a statement would give police a better shot by finding him.Laundry before Identified as an interested person With the disappearance of Petit.

Laundry itself has not been seen since September 14th. His parents reported that he had disappeared three days later and told police that he had gone to the vast 25,000 acres of nature’s Carlton Reserve. Keep the authorities searching for days without success..

A couple who lives on the same street as their family also said They saw Laundry and his parents drive away with a camper van attached to a truck. It’s been about a week since he returned from Wyoming without petite. The couple told Fox News that they found it strange for their parents to travel with their adult son and reported the incident to police.

According to George Kirkham, an emeritus professor at Florida State University’s Criminology and Criminal Justice University, Coin Laundry’s parents would have been free to help their son before being charged with credit card fraud. Everything has changed. ” He said that now in the face of federal criminal charges, anyone who contacts or attempts to help Laundry could be charged with helping or betting on a fugitive.

Family lawyer Stephen Bertolino was asked if Laundry’s parents tried to contact his son after his son went missing, and the laundromat didn’t have a cell phone, so “known. There is no means of communication, “he told the insider.

Bertolino also said his parents Christopher and Roberta Laundry had previously spoken to the FBI.

“Chris and Roberta Laundry were interviewed by the FBI on locating Brian,” he said.

However, at this time, Laundry is not obliged to do so. According to Daniel Maxwell, a former police officer and criminal justice professor at the University of New Haven, the revised Article 5 is on their side.

“We were talking about this in school classes, and the question was,” Can the cop just drag his parents to the station and let them talk? “He said. “And the answer is’no’.”

According to Joseph Jacolon, a former New York Police Department sergeant and professor at the John Jay Criminal Justice School, the FBI’s involvement in the case has increased family interests. Giacolone will be subject to greater penalties if Laundrie is faced with murder than if his parents told the FBI, even if careless, he spoke to local law enforcement agencies. Said.

“Everything I hear from them is said through their lawyer, as they can be prosecuted if they can be misunderstood, not true, or even make a mistake. Probably, “said Giacolone.

According to Jacolon, it’s rare to see a family prosecuted for helping or helping a fugitive or accessory after a murder, but he said it was possible.

“When it’s a mother and father, it rarely happens that they help someone to bet,” he said.

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