Canada Adds Russian Media Personalities and Companies to Latest Sanctions

Canada announced new sanctions on Russia Media personalities and companies accused of spreading disinformation about Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie has announced the latest sanctions against 38 individuals and 16 entities, saying those affected are transmitting Russia Lies of President Vladimir Putin.

Among those added to the Canadian blacklist are a few Russia Singers, actors and athletes, including former contestants of the popular Eurovision Singing Contest.

The list also includes MIA Rossiya Segodnya, one of Russia’s largest state-owned media groups. Russia-Language company.

Many of the new additions had already been sanctioned by Canada’s allies after Russia invaded Ukraine almost a year ago.

The new measures came amid questions about the effectiveness of Canada’s sanctions regime.

The Canadian Press reported this week, as of June 7, Canada Ordered $123 million in assets Canada It was frozen, with $289 million in transactions blocked under sanctions bans related to Russia.

But by late December, the RCMP found only $122 million in seized assets and $292 million, despite hundreds of people linked to Russia being placed on sanctions lists. It said the transaction was blocked.

Police did not provide an explanation as to why the amounts reported by the financial institutions changed little over the period.