Canada cannot provide Ukraine any more weapons in stock “exhausted”: Defense Minister

Canada has run out of weapons it can offer to Ukraine, says Defense Minister Anita Anand.

“We believe we’ve run out of Canadian troop inventory to the extent we can provide weapons,” Anand told host Bassie Capellos at CBC’s Power & Politics on March 16.

“There is a capacity issue where we need to make sure we are on top to secure enough resources for the Canadian Army.”

Anand made a comment while attending the NATO Defense Ministers’ Meeting in Brussels.

So far, Canada has provided Ukraine with $ 82.8 million in military equipment. according to To the Department of Defense (DND).

Deadly aid include A Carvin gun with 4,500 M72 rocket launchers, 7,500 hand grenades, 100 Carl Gustaf recoilless rifles with 2,000 ammunition, machine guns, pistols, and 1.5 million ammunition.

Many other countries also provide military hardware to Ukraine, led by the United States. Washington announced on March 16 that it will send more anti-tank weapons and air defense systems, as well as $ 800 million in additional equipment, including 100 drones.

Anand said managing the needs of the Canadian Army and Ukraine is a “balancing act” and her government is considering other options, such as cooperating with other allies.

Ottawa recently announced that it is offering drone cameras to Ukraine. Anand said they weren’t just for reconnaissance, but also to help drone attacks.

“Camera actually allows accuracy on those strikes,” she told Capellos.

On March 16, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada would continue to provide military hardware to Ukraine.

While announcing funding at the Honda plant in Alliston, Ontario, Trudeau said, “We have launched and supported Ukraine not only in humanitarian and refugee assistance, but also in equipment such as military and deadly equipment. I will continue to do it. “

Trudeau did not mention Canadian military supply and inventory in his remarks.

“We will continue to get as much equipment as possible. The difficult supply line of bringing things to Ukraine is a problem that all of NATO is currently facing,” he said.

British military intelligence said on March 17 that Russia’s military operations in Ukraine were almost deadlocked in all respects and that Ukrainian troops were showing solid resistance.

Noe Chartier


NoƩ Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.