Canada explores G7 allies and “vaccine passport” ideas: Health Minister

Canada is exploring the idea of ​​issuing a COVID-19 vaccine passport in collaboration with G7 allies, Health Minister Patty Haidu said Monday.

according to Report by iPoliticsHeidu said he briefly discussed the idea in a meeting with health ministers from G7 countries (Canada, US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan).

“We are not only discussing with Americans, but through the G7 and many other international forums, we are exploring this idea of ​​some form of evidence of vaccination at the border,” said Haidu. ..

A “vaccine passport” is a travel document that proves that an individual has been vaccinated against a particular illness, such as the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. It caused the disease COVID-19 and emerged from China in late 2019.

The idea of ​​the COVID-19 vaccine passport is being discussed in several countries around the world considering a variety of uses other than overseas travel, such as citizens entering places such as bars, gyms and concert halls.

President Joe Biden’s administration is not working on a passport for the COVID-19 vaccine, but is trying to establish standardized guidelines for showing evidence of vaccination.

The European Commission has also proposed a plan to create its own document called a “Digital Green Certificate” that can be used for travel between EU countries.

“G7 partners have agreed that some degree of consistency and cooperation is needed between countries, so there is some system that can recognize wherever a person is traveling,” says Hajdu.

Hajdu said one of the existing concerns about issuing vaccine passports is the lack of scientific evidence that vaccinated people can infect others with the CCP virus. ..

Some raise the issue of impartiality regarding vaccine passports.

Ryan O’Connor, Zayouna Law Office In the Greater Toronto Area, we urged the federal government to kill the idea of ​​a vaccine passport.

“Liberals must completely deny vaccine passports for domestic travel and participation in daily life. Such measures violate some sections of the Charter, are discriminatory and double-layered. Produces the citizens of Canada. ” Written on twitter Early this month.

“We see what international travel looks like, what criteria need to be applied to vaccination certification processes of all kinds, and the fairness that can occur as a result of unfair access. We are discussing how to deal with the problem of global vaccination, “said Hajdu.

She said the G7 countries have not set a specific deadline for discussions on vaccine passports, but they have promised to continue exploring options.

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