Canada extends mission to train Ukrainian soldiers by 3 years

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that Canada will extend its mission to train Ukrainian soldiers by three years.

He states that Canada will also expand its mission known as Operation UNIFIER.

As part of its $ 340 million commitment, Trudeau has allowed the Canadian Army to deploy 60 personnel, join an army of 200 already on the ground, and increase that number to 400. Stated.

He also says it includes non-lethal equipment, information sharing, and support for combating cyberattacks.

He says this guarantees the continued support of the Ukrainian army so that the country can protect its sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.

Trudeau added that Defense Minister Anita Anand will visit Latvia and Ukraine and will visit Canadian troops within a few days.

Russia, along with tanks and other heavy guns, deployed an army of about 100,000 across the Ukrainian border, causing horror throughout Europe and denying NATO’s military alliance invasion.

Canadian press