Canada must really reassess which global citizens it is ‘saving’


When I was in high school, I read that the average Canadian and the government at the time were trying to bring Vietnamese “boat people” (as they were called then) to our shores. , was very proud.

More than 60,000 refugees have arrived in our country, fleeing the new communist regime that began in the Vietnam War. Many were welcomed and fed by ordinary Canadian families and groups. These efforts include: Canada Wins Nansen Medalis an honor bestowed by the United Nations for outstanding contributions to refugee affairs.

This movement showed the world what Canada is made of and our commitment to helping those in need. now recognized Every year our country becomes the envy of many others.

Are we losing this reputation?

When the Taliban recaptured Afghanistan in 2021, they needed to quickly release many Afghans who were working with Canadian diplomats and military personnel. Terrorists viewed as enemies those who cooperated with the hated Western nations. reliable murder reports by the Taliban.

Canada had more than a decade of military service in the country and benefited greatly from local support, so don’t you think the federal government should prioritize getting these people out? you would be wrong.

Conversely, the Trudeau government limp In this regard, it exposes Afghans to Taliban retaliatory punishment. Is this the way to treat people who couldn’t operate there without their help?

Getting worse.

Following a court ruling ordering the immediate repatriation of Canadian ISIS terrorists who ended up in Al Hol concentration camp in dire conditions (of course, if they hadn’t joined ISIS in the first place, they wouldn’t have known they were there). ), we seek to address the return of citizens who have made the conscious decision to join a vicious jihadist organization that has participated in unspeakable acts against many. includes the Yazidis, a “state” that terrorists viewed as apostates and therefore expendable.

And some Yazidis have reached Canada. petition Don’t let the federal government bring these terrorists “home”. Without going into disturbing details, ISIS killed Yazidi men, raped women, enslaved them, and traded them for one another like animals. As one survivor said:[Canada is] It offers the same entrance to the very people who routinely rape and torture us. And, according to another, “They know that these people, for the most part, will not be brought to justice. There is no evidence here, there are no witnesses here. has been given a free pass to participate in

Note that over the years, including this Epoch Times article, I have made the same claim about witnesses and evidence.

But the Canadian government is also unwilling to move the Yazidis to safety in Canada. Are there other groups that fit our time and energy? If so, I’d love to know which one.

The bottom line is that there are lobby groups and the Canadian government that somehow believe that “Islamophobia” is a greater threat than Muslim terrorism. This is strange because the latter every year worldwide he kills over 10,000 people (mainly Muslims), whereas the alleged Islamophobic people do not.So we build a new office Spend $5 million to tell Canadians this non-existent threat? Yes Islamophobia is real, but is it more real or dangerous than other forms of discrimination? Justify the “commissioner”?

What happened to Canada that did more than help the world’s needy? Have we really gotten to the point where politics and interest groups dictate so much decision-making? Something is seriously off track in a world that is deemed more deserving of “rescue” than actual victims.

It’s time for the Canadian people to make a decision. Do we want to be led by a government that listens to terrorist and victim advocates? I know which side I’m on. where are you standing

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