Canada receives 1 million vaccinations this week, only scheduled for Pfizer delivery

The recent flood of COVID-19 vaccine doses to Ottawa-Canada is expected to diminish this week, with more than one million doses expected over the next seven days.

Canada has been delivering vaccines from various pharmaceutical companies in recent weeks as the number of COVID-19 cases has skyrocketed across the country.

Still, the Public Health Agency of Canada says the only expected shipment this week will come from Pfizer and BioNTech, which have consistently provided more than one million doses weekly since March.

Canada received more than a million doses of Moderna and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines last week, neither of which the Public Health Service expects in the next seven days.

Moderna, which delivers shots every two weeks, plans to ship more than 1.2 million doses to Canada during the week of April 19.

Canada has also approved Johnson and vaccines made by Johnson, but it is not clear when these first doses will be given.

The federal government hopes that this week’s drop in deliveries will be an exception, with public procurement minister Anita Anand promising millions more shots in progress in the coming weeks and months on Friday. ..

“We are accelerating rapidly in terms of delivery,” said Anand. “We moved 22 million doses from the second half of this year to the previous quarter, which includes the expected 44 million doses by the end of June.”

As the number of new COVID-19 infections continues to skyrocket in Canada, it is becoming increasingly urgent to get the vaccine into the hands of Canadians.

Thousands of new cases were reported on Sunday, including a record 4,456 cases in Ontario alone. Dr. Teresatam, the country’s chief medical health officer, noted that hospitalizations in the intensive care unit surged 23% compared to last week, saying Canada is approaching the peak of the current pandemic wave.

Many people who get sick are younger than the previous surge in COVID-19, according to Tam, and experts have blamed variants of the virus that are widespread throughout the country.

As a result, some states are beginning to consider changing the way vaccines are distributed.

According to, as of Sunday afternoon, more than 10 million doses were distributed throughout Canada, with nearly 8 million doses.

Almost 20 percent of the population has received at least one shot.

By Lee Berthiaume