Canada Releases Equipment for Russia-German Gas Pipeline


Berlin — The Government of Canada has announced that it will allow the delivery of equipment from the major Russian-Europe natural gas pipelines under maintenance to Germany — the equipment cited last month as the reason why Gazprom in Russia cuts gas flow by more than half. There is no.

The return of turbines from the NordStream1 pipeline sent to Montreal for a planned overhaul is complicated by the sanctions imposed on Russia during the war in Ukraine. Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Jonathan Wilkinson, said in a statement late Saturday, “Canada grants Simens Canada a time-limited revocation permit to allow the return of repaired Nordstream 1 turbines to Germany. “.

Wilkinson said in a statement posted on Twitter that he supported “the ability to access Russia’s credible and affordable energy as Russia continues its transition from oil and gas.” “Without the necessary supply of natural gas, the German economy would suffer very serious difficulties,” he said.

Siemens Energy has been unable to return gas turbines to its customers’ gasproms to power compressor stations in pipelines that have been overhauled after more than a decade of use after Gazprom began reducing gas flow in mid-June. Said that.

German politicians dismissed Russia’s explanation for a 60% reduction in gas flow through Nord Stream 1, equipment should not have been a major issue until the fall, and Russia’s decision was uncertain. He said it was a political bet that pushed up prices.

The Canadian move will take place on Monday before Nord Stream 1 is shut down for annual maintenance. This work caused a 10-day outage last summer, but Germany’s Deputy Prime Minister Robert Habeck does not cite “technical details” as the reason Russia is not resuming gas supplies. I doubt it.

The decline in gas flow occurs as Germany and other European countries seek to reduce their reliance on Russia’s energy imports. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, supplies about 35% of its gas to the electricity industry and produces electricity from Russia.

Last month, Habeck launched the second phase of Germany’s three-stage emergency program on natural gas supply, warning that Europe’s largest economy is facing a “crisis” and winter storage targets are at stake. ..

On Friday, Germany’s largest importer of Russian gas, Uniper, the energy company, sought relief from the government to deal with rising gas prices.

Associated Press