Canada Revenue Agency refers to Russian-backed actors targeting infrastructure

Ottawa — Canada’s key infrastructure network operators need to strengthen their defenses against Russian state-sponsored threats, Canada’s signaling agency said Thursday.

The warning from the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is the latest in a series of bulletins from two major Canadian espionage agencies accusing Russian actors of attempting to hack sensitive computer systems.

“(CSE) encourages the Canadian cybersecurity community, especially the defenders of critical infrastructure networks, to increase awareness and protection against Russian state-sponsored cyber threats,” he said in a statement. increase.

Russian officials and others added that they are targeting key infrastructure network operators and their operations and information technology.

According to the CSE, operators need to be prepared to separate components and services that are “considered attractive to confuse hostile threat actors” and to increase vigilance.

Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Canada has had poor relations with Russia.

Ottawa is afraid of a possible armed conflict in Ukraine and, in cooperation with its allies, has revealed to Russia that no further attacks on Kiev are acceptable, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said. Said on Wednesday.