Canada sanctions Russia to recognize Ukraine’s secession

Canada says President Vladimir Putin will impose sanctions on Russia after approving the secession areas of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk on February 21.

“Canada, along with its partners and allies, will react firmly to this explicit disregard for international law,” said Foreign Minister Melanie Joly. statement..

“We are preparing to impose economic sanctions on these actions, apart from those ready to respond to Russia’s further military invasion of Ukraine.”

Putin also ordered Donetsk and Luhansk to deploy troops to “ensure peace.” report Russian state media Russia Today.

Following Putin’s declaration, the Russian House of Representatives on February 22 passed A movement to support the independence of the two regions collectively known as Donbas, and tThe Senate of Parliament also resolved to allow Russia to use military force abroad.

Russia does not plan to send troops to eastern Ukraine “for now”, but will do so in the case of a “threat”, Russian Foreign Ministry officials Talked to Agence France-Presse February 22.

“For now, no one is planning to send anything anywhere. If there is a threat, we will provide assistance in accordance with the ratified treaty,” said Andrey Rudenko, State Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Russia today Report The agreement between the Kremlin and the newly recognized republic will allow Russia to station troops and military hardware in the region, but Rudenko said, “So far, the establishment of a base. There was no talk about. “

In response to the Russians army build up On the Ukrainian border In the last few months This is the United States To tell Including maximum 190,000 troops, Ottawa increased support for Ukraine by offering loans, Spread out Military training missions, and supply Deadly weapon.

Many other countries have announced sanctions, and the United States and the United Kingdom have also stated that they are imposing sanctions separate from those planned if Russia actually invades Ukraine.

U.S. President Joe Biden signed Presidential directive (EO) On February 21, sanctions were targeted against the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic (DNR and LNR).

Some measures ban US citizens from making new investments in DNR and LNR and ban imports of goods, services, and technology from the region.

EO also empowers those who act or serve in a public position to impose sanctions. Donetsk and Luhansk..

The EO states that its purpose is “to deny Russia the opportunity to benefit from explicit violations of international law.” These actions are not directed at the Ukrainian people or the Ukrainian government. “

February 22, United Kingdom announcement It sanctioned three Russian “Oligarchs” with close ties to Putin and frozen the assets of five Russian banks.

“”And if Russia does not withdraw from the brink, we are ready to move further, “said Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss.

“”We will reduce the ability of Russian nations and Russian companies to raise funds in our markets, ban various high-tech exports and further isolate Russian banks from the global economy. ”

Putin gave Broadcast address On February 21, he expressed his belief that Ukraine was an integral part of Russian history and described the eastern part of Ukraine as “the land of ancient Russia”.

Donetsk and Luhansk a State of armed conflict With Ukraine Since Russian-support Separatists declared independence from Kiev in 2014, but Russia’s recognition of these areas as separate republics justifies Russia’s military action when secession areas seek assistance. Produces.

August 2008, Russia Invasion Georgia to protect the secession area of ​​South Ossetia.Shortly thereafter, Russia recognized South Ossetia and other Georgian secession areas in Abkhazia As an independent republic after punishing Georgia in a swift five-day war.

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