Canada should creatively cooperate with Taiwan in China’s volatile aggression: international officials

Canada is “still very concerned” about China’s volatile military invasion of Taiwan and should be “creative” in working with autonomous islands on international organizations and other platforms, foreign officials said. Stated.

Weldon Epp, Director of Global Affairs Canada, North Asia and Oceania, Speaked on February 14thWhen testifying in front of the Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development, the current situation of the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea-the area where the Communist Party China is actively trying to control.

“In the last four months, we have observed a significant increase in military activity, including more than 600 invasions of Taiwan’s self-declared air defense identification zone by the PLA. [People’s Liberation Army] Air Force. And whatever the motive, Canada believes that these moves threaten the security of the region and help push back the potential for dialogue and cooperation throughout the Taiwan Strait, “Epp said.

“Canada has directly communicated concerns to Chinese authorities about the destabilization of military operations. [Taiwan Strait]Repeating Canada’s strong support for constructive efforts to contribute to regional peace and stability. “

Beijing has long regarded Taiwan as a separate state. Despite the fact that Taiwan is a defakMoved to an independent country, strengthened military coercion on the island from March 2019, and sent military aircraft to Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

Mr Epp told the Commission that there is growing concern that China will explicitly set a timeline to achieve what is called “national rejuvenation” by 2049.

On October 21, 2021, US President Joe Biden promised to protect Taiwan in the event that the autonomous island was attacked by China. When asked if Canada was also ready to intervene militarily under such a scenario, Epp said the government was “watching carefully” and compared it to Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine. ..

“Development in Ukraine risks presenting some unwelcome natural experiments, so that different parties closely monitor and what the effectiveness of different diplomatic tools is in very disturbing situations. You can see if it works like this, “Epp said.

Epp refuses to comment on “virtual” future scenarios of what Canada will do under China’s invasion of Taiwan, while the Canadian government goes to Beijing for the island. He said he was “alive” in various operations.

“In its own words, Canada has never ruled out, and never ruled out, the use of force to reunify with Taiwan, so Canada is deeply concerned about its recent activities. “He said. “These increasing activities of the PLA Air Force are not only obvious military activities, but also what are called” subthreshold activities “such as cyberattacks, interference, and the United Front. “

“We live in all of them and continue to monitor them with our partners and continue to encourage both sides, especially the Chinese side, to withdraw from provocative behavior.”

Jordan Reeves, Managing Director of the Canadian Trade Bureau in Taipei and testifying before the Foreign Affairs Commission, said that the Chinese Communist Party’s crackdown on Hong Kong’s democratic movement in recent years also shows how Taiwanese see China’s takeover. He said it had a “serious impact” on the part.

“The Hong Kong reality of what happened under national security law basically said that for most Taiwanese the” one country, two systems “was clearly out of the question, which was no longer an option for the majority of Taiwanese. Reeves stipulates that Beijing will give Hong Kong relative autonomy after the colonies of the former British Empire have returned to Chinese rule.

Liberal Party of Canada Hedy Fry referred to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in response to a question about Canada’s long-term strategy for what China and Russia described as a “global movement to end democracy.” .. power of attorney He instructed Foreign Minister Melanie Joly to develop an “Indo-Pacific Strategy” aimed at deepening “diplomatic, economic and defense partnerships and international support in the region.”

Epp told the House Committee that the strategy is still “in development” and has not stated when it will be released.

He also said that the strategy will be published when it is ready, but it will only be revealed later that it is up to the government to decide whether to publish the content.

Although Canada supports Taiwan’s participation in international organizations such as the World Health Assembly and the International Civil Aviation Organization, Epp said. Global collaborative training framework (GCTF) Program — The platform Taiwan uses to promote good governance throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

“Not only do we work to more meaningfully include Taiwan where it should be, and where our interests are needed by international organizations, but we also work with Taiwan and other partners through platforms like the GCTF. You also need to be creative in amplifying that experience, “he said. ..

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.

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