Canada should work more with five eyes to counter the threat of China and Russia: Report

Canada should work further with its Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance partners to tackle the challenges China and Russia pose to Western liberal democracy, the new report said.

Titled “Five Eyes Evolve: Opportunities and Challenges in New Strategic Perspectives” Report Five Eyes members (Canada, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand) say they can work together to expand the alliance’s ability to compete with China and Russia to a wider extent, especially in the field of technology. Increasingly, information, military, and economics.

“Ohver In recent years The international security situation is deteriorating, becoming increasingly fluid and dynamic, characterized by hybrid warfare, gray zone tactics, and non-motor threats. This requires strategic messaging to political warfare, economic warfare, cyber operations, and target countries, without the use of traditional military means, “writes authors John Hemmings and Peter Wanish.

“”Both Russia and China are campaigning for po more and more aggressivelyWar (also known as “subthreshold conflict”)Determines the social, economic and political resilience of the Five. “

Hemmings is an associate professor at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Research, Daniel K. Inouye, Hawaii, and Varnish Defense and security technology Visiting professor at Coventry University. This report is a joint publication published by Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Research and McDonald’s Laurier Institute in Ottawa on September 30th.

Change of threat

In the preface of the report, Richard Fadden, a former National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister of Canada and a former Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, said state competition was “deniable, invasive and invasive to all sectors of society. It’s changing towards a non-military threat. ” , ‚ÄĚThis has led liberal democracy to seek an increasingly collective response.

“China and Russia are taking increasingly aggressive action to rebuild the international system and use a variety of non-moving tools to constrain the western side of liberal democracy,” Fadden wrote. increase. “Threats from China and Russia are of different levels and types, but they present challenges that require a collective response.”

According to the report, the threat posed by China and Russia is similar to the threat of political warfare by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, but today the two administrations are at an unprecedented level of “global governance, maritime law and international diplomacy. “Challenge”.

“”[T]He needs to be developed by FiveAnalyze China-Russia interference and operate capacity to counter it And we will develop propaganda, and practical non-military methods to prevent them, “the report said.

After China emerged as an economic power, its neighbors and the Five Eyes became dependent on China for trade and economic growth. But unlike Western countries, which link sanctions to human rights abuses, “China has publicly denied such things. [economic coercive] While pursuing them quietly at the same time, “the report quotes Christina Lai, a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University.

For example, Canada and Australia are said to be targeted by the Chinese Communist Party administration. After Huawei’s senior executive Meng Wanzhou was arrested, Canada was targeted, and after Prime Minister Scott Morrison sought a public investigation into the origin of the COVID-19 global epidemic, the administration took over Australia. I turned my attention to.

“In the case of Canada, Chinese authorities have restricted rapeseed and meat products. The industry’s $ 1 billion ban on canola oil was based on allegations of” pests “in crops,” the report said. He added that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency did not identify such concerns.


Hemmings and Varnish have put together 12 recommendations from defense and security experts in the Five Eyes countries.

The recommendations include the development of an anti-interference handbook to analyze China-Russia interference in both Western democracies and other countries.

The author also proposes to establish the Five Eyes Defense Policy Bureau to address economic warfare aimed at strengthening political and security consultations among members and reducing their sovereignty. increase.

On the technical side, we recommended the establishment of the Five Eyes Technology Center for Promising Technology to provide a venue for joint projects. Create an inter-ministerial public-private working group to cooperate on technical standards. Establish a fusion center for classified analysis of information operations and interference.

“Our hope is that the recommendations of this treatise promote evolution, not revolution, within the Five Eyes Group,” the author writes.

“This may include discussions that will lead to the resolution of urgent and imminent threats … and will open up discussions and discussions on long-term structural changes within the security and defense communities of the five countries. I will be. “

Andrew Chen


Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.