Canada supports Biden’s order for further investigation of the origin of COVID-19

Foreign Minister Marc Garneau said Canada supports the Biden administration’s request to the US intelligence agency to “double” its efforts to investigate the origin of COVID-19.

“It’s important to scientifically figure out where it came from, as it can happen again, so we support President Biden’s announcement earlier this week to do a more complete investigation.” And Garnot Said In an interview with Evan Solomon Show on CTV on Sunday.

Garneau’s comment came after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his support for an international effort to understand how the global pandemic began on May 27.

On May 26, Mr. Biden requested US intelligence to carry out further investigations to determine the origin of COVID-19. COVID-19 is a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

According to Biden, the U.S. Intelligence Agency (IC) “summarized two possible scenarios” on the question of whether the virus resulted from human contact with infected animals or a laboratory accident. We have not reached a definitive conclusion.

He ordered the IC to report within 90 days, including preparing a list of specific questions to investigate China. The US National Institute was also instructed to support the IC’s investigation. I am.

On March 30, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced report, Collaborated with Chinese and international scientists on findings on how the pandemic occurred

Of the four “possible routes” identified by the report, the outbreak was considered “very unlikely” to result from a laboratory accident. However, transmission from bats via vectors is considered “very likely”.

The findings are in stark contrast to what a former US State Department contractor found during an investigation into the origin of the CCP virus.

“It came out of nowhere, and the bat-borne coronavirus was optimized for human-to-human transmission in an unprecedented way. How are you? Mating? How does that happen? It’s unlikely, “David Asher, who worked in the department during the Trump administration, told Fox News’ The Story on May 29.

Usher said he led the investigation into the origin of the virus and the team saidLittle evidenceThe virus came from an animal. “In fact, when I talked to biostatisticians, it was statistically between 1 in 1.3 million and 1 in 13 billion,” he said.

He also pointed out the Wuhan Virology Institute, a top-level institute in the Chinese city where the first COVID-19 cases occurred, and the institute is not just a “private institution”, but in collaboration with the Chinese military. Claimed to be a laboratory. Since 2017, in a top secret project.

“We had very definitive information, but only a few were released. It is engaged in a top secret effort for them to develop these superviruses. It looked like it had leaked out of the lab, “he said. “This was the only plausible information we were presented with.”

In a report from Zachary Stieber