Canada Trudeau Day Message


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau states that the Canadian flag represents an opportunity and a promise of security for those fleeing war and violence. statement..

“Today is an opportunity for all of us to re-commit to those values.โ€” โ€”The value that maple leaf represents. It’s also a promise, as our flag is not just a symbol. Promise of opportunity. A promise of security for those who escape violence and war. And a promise of a better life, “he said.

On the day of the 155th anniversary of the Canadian Union, Trudeau also reflected the history of Canada’s indigenous peoples issue, referring to the treatment of indigenous peoples during the colonial era.

“Today we celebrate what we all call home. For some, we know that the historic mistakes of our country can make it difficult. History cannot be changed, but work can be done to build a better future, reflecting our values โ€‹โ€‹of hope, resilience, kindness, respect and generosity, “he said. Told.

Governor Mary Simon also said that Canadians live in indigenous lands and called for the construction of an inclusive society.

Epoch Times Photo
Governor Mary Simon will speak in Ottawa on July 1, 2022 to commemorate Canada Day. (Annie Wu / NTD)

“Remember to continue to work together to build an inclusive society, no matter how and whenever the day comes. Be kind to each other. A safe place to tell our story. Let’s make it, “she said in her. Official message of Canada Day..

“Listen to the indigenous peoples of the land we live in. Learn from each other. Have hope for the future and believe in your neighbors, friends, family, and ourselves.”

Simon gave a speech at a formal celebration in Ottawa on July 1st, with Trudeau in attendance.

The city of Ottawa is the first face-to-face Canada Day event in Canada since the COVID-19 pandemic on July 1, with unprecedented levels of security for locals and visitors to the capital. I met you.

Police are very prominent throughout downtown center, with a group of police walking down the street and surrounding the entrance to Lebreton Flats Park, where cars are the main celebrations. Visitors must go through an airport-style metal detector and search for bags before entering.

Thousands of people protesting the federal COVID-19 Mandate also flowed into downtown Ottawa on June 30. This is the biggest demonstration of its kind since the Free Government declared a national emergency during the Free Convoy protest. This winter. Police arrested four people at the National War Memorial on June 30.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.