Canada will resume borders with fully vaccinated Americans starting next month

Officials said on Monday that Canada would allow Americans who had been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 to enter the country in mid-August.

The Public Health Agency of Canada said US citizens and permanent residents of the United States who had been vaccinated at least 14 days before crossing the border could enter the country at 12:01 am on August 9. To news release From the Government of Canada.

They must have a full set of vaccines accepted by the Government of Canada. This includes Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, AstraZeneca vaccines, and Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccines.

A Canadian government news release said, “Unless fully vaccinated U.S. travelers and all other foreigners have already met the exemptions stipulated in the Quarantine Act order, they will not be allowed to enter Canada. It will continue to be banned. “

Anyone attempting to cross the border must “submit evidence to support vaccination” in English or French, or using an official translation of the vaccine.

The government must also “provide COVID-19 relevant information electronically via ArriveCAN (app or web portal), including vaccination proof before leaving for Canada” and tested prior to entry. He added that he must meet the requirements and be COVID-19 asymptomatic. Have a digital or paper copy of the vaccination document.

According to the Health Organization, travelers need to provide Canadian authorities with an “appropriate quarantine plan” and “prepare for quarantine.”

“You should also follow the public health measures in place, such as monitoring the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, wearing masks in public places, copying vaccination documents and test results, and keeping lists. The number of close contacts and places visited during the 14 days after entering Canada, “said the release.

And from September 7, the Government of Canada will allow fully vaccinated people from any country to enter, unless cases in the country begin to increase again.

It is not clear when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will allow Canadian travelers to travel to the United States. The Epoch Times contacted the agency for comment.

The Department of Homeland Security said, “To reduce the spread of COVID-19, the United States has extended mandatory travel restrictions at land and ferry intersections between Canada and Mexico until July 21. We have secured access to essential trade and travel. ” In a statement to several media outlets on Monday.

“DHS has also noted the positive developments of the last few weeks and has worked with other US agencies in the White House Expert Working Group with Canada and Mexico to provide conditions for safe and sustainable relaxation of restrictions. We have identified, “added DHS.

Over the past few months, Republican lawmakers have expressed concern about what they said was a repression of religious freedom in Canada, as the Canadian government unfairly targeted churches and religious leaders. Claimed to have used the COVID-19 blockade order.

“Frankly, I would expect this kind of religious crackdown in the Communist Party of China, not in a prominent Western country like Canada. Canadian authorities arrested religious leaders and seized church property. Seems to constitute a systematic, continuous and terrible breach of religious freedom, among other enforcement measures, “Senator Josh Holy (Republican) said in a letter last month. US Commission on International Religious Freedom.

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