Canada’s Blood Service Ends “Blood Ban” and Introduces Behavior-Based Screening

Blood donation clinic taken at a shopping mall in Calgary, Arta on March 27, 2020. (The Canadian Press / Jeff McIntosh)

Canadian blood service Health Canada says it has approved the request to end the policy of restricting donations by men who have sex with men. blood Three months.

Canadian blood service We asked the Ministry of Health of Canada to allow them to dismiss questions about gender and sexuality, and instead screened for high-risk sexual behavior such as anal sex.

By September 30, potential donors will be asked if they have new or multiple sexual partners in the last three months, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

You will then be asked if you have had anal sex with any of those partners. If so, you will have to wait three months from the activity before making a donation. blood..

Authorities say that asking about sexual behavior rather than sexual orientation will give a more reliable assessment of the risk of infections such as HIV that can be transmitted by infusion.

He also states that this change came after “countless hours” of work by LGBTQ and other groups who have long advocated policy changes.

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