Canada’s COVID Alert app will be discontinued when PCR testing is rare


The Canadian COVID Alert app will be discontinued in the next few days, federal sources have told the Canadian press.

The app was released in the summer of 2020, when the pandemic began, and was billed as a way to alert people to close contact with people infected with COVID-19 without collecting personal data.

However, the user must enter the one-time key and is passed if the PCR test results are positive. User keys are not distributed in many states because PCR tests have been replaced by rapid tests.

The app has been criticized for being ineffective and not meeting expectations, with 6.89 million downloads as of February 1, but only 57,704 user keys used.

Meanwhile, since the outbreak of the pandemic, an estimated 3.87 million COVID-19 infections have occurred in Canada, killing more than 41,000.

The COVID Alert app cost $ 20 million, most of it ($ 15.9 million) spent on promotion and advertising, and an additional $ 3.5 million on app development and maintenance.

Canadian press