Canada’s Covid infections are approaching US rates

The vaccine is given at the Downsview Hockey Arena in Toronto

Vaccinated at hockey field in Toronto

For the first time, Covid infection rates in Canada can approach and overtake US levels.

Canada is struggling to contain the new Covid-19 mutant and expand the distribution of the vaccine.

Many states are introducing new virus mitigation restrictions as hospitalizations increase.

As of Tuesday, the United States had fully vaccinated 19.6% of its population, compared to 8.5% in the United Kingdom and 2% in Canada.

“Around the world, countries are facing a very serious third wave of this pandemic,” Justin Trudeau warned at a press conference on Tuesday. “And now, so is Canada.”

According to Johns Hopkins University, Canada has recorded more than 1 million positive cases and 23,000 deaths from Covid-19. To the south, the United States has recorded approximately 31 million cases and more than 559,000 deaths from Covid.

As of Tuesday, Canada’s Covid ratio to the population has risen to 180 per million, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. This means that there are about 180 new viral cases daily per million inhabitants.

New Covid every day-19 per million people.  ..  ..

New Covid every day-19 per million people. .. ..

There are currently about 196 Covid cases per million in the United States, significantly less than the more than 700 cases recorded per million in January.

Why is the number of cases in Canada increasing?

Anthony Dale, President of the Ontario Hospital Association, said, “I was a little blind to the overall international performance because of the sitting right next to the United States and the apparent disaster they experienced during this pandemic. “. National post..

“They are clearly experiencing far worse results overall than Canada, and there is no doubt, but that’s the future I’m worried about, and I’m worried about community expansion compared to them. I’m heading in the right direction. “

More than 16,000 Covid mutations have been recorded across Canada, health officials said Thursday.

The vaccine is given at the Downsview Hockey Arena in Toronto

The vaccine is given at the Downsview Hockey Arena in Toronto

Over 90% of these cases are associated with the first identified variant in the UK and now appear to have replaced the original virus strain in some areas.

Cases of Brazilian variants have doubled in the past week, with nearly 300 cases of South African variants found in vast country states.

The latest data is available when states across the country have enacted new restrictions aimed at stopping the latest surges.

Ontario, the most populous state with 14 million inhabitants, has begun a strict four-week blockade starting Thursday, closing all non-essential retail stores and schools.

Quebec closed most shopping on April 1st in the three largest cities.

In British Columbia, the Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey team was forced to postpone future matches after sickening 25 players and staff.

Will vaccination help stop the surge?

Canada has enough doses to vaccinate each citizen 10 times, but actually getting jabs in people’s arms is slowly progressing.

According to Andrew Morris, a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, the pace of vaccine deployment is “a little too slow and too slow” to effectively reduce its spread.

The rapid spread of the new variant seems to have surprised health officials, he told BBC News, “trying to control a situation that is largely out of control” in Ontario.

“We will not be able to vaccinate the way out of this,” he warned, adding that “the way to do this is to reduce people’s interactions.”