Canada’s declining army reflects a lack of federal leadership


I think one of the nice things about having a shrunken army is that it’s at least easier to staff. But in Canada anyway, you would be wrong. The Canadian Press recently pointed out that we are deficient in our weak target strength of 100,000 by about 12,000. Not to mention 10,000 people who are unavailable due to illness, injury, or lack of training. So hey, ask them to do everything, including delivering COVID shots.

It doesn’t need to be pointed out here, but it may be helpful to be able to fight as the CCP has pondered the invasion of Taiwan during this distraction as the great crisis over Ukraine has occurred. But in Canada it sometimes seems to be the case. So let Putin state that of his 1 million heavily armed active duty personnel and 2 million reserves, he has gathered about 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border alone.

Some might say yes, Russia is big and rich, but we are small and poor. But they will drive. Geographically, Russia is twice as large as Canada. In addition, the population is as large as 144 million, which is more than three times that of us. So why should their army be 30 times larger?

In terms of GDP, it is nominally US $ 1.71 trillion, less than US $ 2.016 trillion. Purchasing power parity makes it bigger. This suggests that GDP is hocaspocus. But that doesn’t mean you can’t afford an army that’s one-third the size instead of one-thirtie.

As the CP story observed, we didn’t decide to eliminate the army because we no longer needed it. Rather, “The Canadian Army is suffering from an increasing shortage of personnel, despite the fact that the military faces more and more demands at home and abroad.” As we withdraw from peacekeeping and do not fight. It is unclear exactly what is required. But, believe it or not, I closed the recruitment center because of COVID and stopped training, so it doesn’t work wherever I go.

The Epoch Times readers know that the central function of the Government of Canada is not to protect the lives and freedoms of its citizens, but to maintain socialized medical care, so perhaps believe it. There will be. But it’s even terribly confusing even for that job. more.

I regularly want to write a column that simply summarizes the fiery government incompetence of the week. It’s like suspending a new invitation to a highly-needed skilled migrant worker because the paperwork is so stagnant that it can’t be dealt with. Or, if the Canadian Public Services and Procurement Ministry recruits “influential figures” and attempts to prevent them from building warships on time or on budget, the NSS (National Shipbuilding Strategy) exceeds 16,000 annually. There are many social and economic benefits, from creating and retaining jobs to introducing innovations that apply to shipbuilding.

The super-rich social justice warrior, NDP leader Jugmate Singh, accepted a free $ 1,895 chair and advertised it online without realizing he was involved in a clear ethical breach. that too. It brings something bigger that surprises me over and over: newspapers to the government to solve all our problems, like a mustache-bearing superhero with some hats on. With stimulating demands, it’s full of incompetent cheek-by-cheek stories in the farce.

OK, it’s the latest promotion of Venezuelan influential person Nicolas Maduro, not our shipbuilding program. But we’re not that ridiculous. On the military side alone, you can’t even buy sidearms, let alone icebreakers and warships that are forbidden in heaven. As for cyber defense, see. And the integration of our proud women has created an epidemic of sexual harassment that we can’t even stop, like the RCMP, rather than the Amazon’s continuous ranks.

As someone recently pointed out, the federal government couldn’t renovate the Prime Minister’s Office and can’t live for six years now. Still, a surprising number of Canadians believe they can solve the national housing crisis they have caused while raising children more than their parents. They can’t stop spending recklessly and printing money at a desperate pace to curb interest obligations, but the army is corrupt, the supply chain is disrupted, social medicine, public universities, and even public schools. Even dissenting opinions are crushed and test results fall freely.

Do you want to solve the housing crisis? I hope I can clear the snow. Well, I forgot to hire or equip an army for the core function of the nation to protect our systems of life, freedom, society and autonomy from foreign attacks. We were too busy taking selfies, commemorating the International Day of Social Justice Garbage, and spending money we didn’t have on not knowing how to do it. So what’s wrong?

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John Robson


John Robson is a documentary filmmaker, National Post columnist, Dorchester Review contributor editor, and Executive Director of Climate Discussion Nexus. His latest documentary is “Environment: True Story”.