Canada’s handgun ban officially takes effect

The purchase, sale and transfer of new handguns in Canada has been officially prohibited by a government order under the Firearms Act of November 9th.

The order came after the federal government announced a “freeze” on handgun imports in August, and Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino said the ban was in effect on October 21.

Applications to transfer guns received before yesterday’s deadline will continue to be processed, albeit at a much slower rate than usual due to backlogs, Mendocino’s division said.

According to a BlackRock reporter, “Canada’s firearms program is experiencing significant delays in processing times and has many requests awaiting decision,” the Department of Public Safety said in a recent “Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement.” I am writing.

“The amendments provide provisions to allow transfer requests received prior to the effective date to continue to be processed, limiting the impact on those individuals.”

A handgun freeze is authorized under pending legislation. Building C-21aims to make many amendments to both criminal and firearms laws.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called C-21 “one of the most powerful actions we have taken against gun violence in a generation.”

“We have frozen the handgun market in this country,” Trudeau said at a press conference in Surrey, British Columbia, on October 21.

Bill C-21 is currently pending in the House Committee review.


The liberal handgun ban has been criticized by many law enforcement agencies across Canada, with Toronto, Edmonton and Regina police officials questioning the law’s effectiveness.

“A freeze on legal firearms imports will not stop the flow of illegal firearms,” Toronto Police Association president John Reed said in an earlier interview with The Epoch Times.

Both Regina and Edmonton Police Chiefs told a congressional committee in October that the handgun ban had not effectively targeted the illegal distribution of firearms, which had the greatest impact on crime rates. rice field.

“[It’s] While testifying before the House Public Safety Committee on Oct. 27, Regina Police Chief Evan Bray said illegal firearms obtained from the United States, illegal handguns, have led to a disturbing current trend in gun violence. Said there was

The Canadian Association of Police Chiefs (CACP) said in June it supported a handgun ban as a whole, but added that “restricting legal handgun ownership does not meaningfully address the real problem.” Stated.

In a statement, the CACP called for “enhanced border controls” to stop the illegal flow of firearms from the United States into Canada.

In February, the Public Safety Commission heard from the national president of the Customs and Immigration Service that only “one millionth of all rail freight” is inspected when crossing the border.

“In other words, the chances of finding illegal weapons brought into the country via rail are almost zero,” Mark Webber said in his Feb. 1 testimony.

Prime Minister Trudeau said on October 21 that the federal government is investing in helping Canadian Border Protection better search shipments before they enter Canada.

“Our liberal government is strengthening our borders and providing law enforcement with the tools and resources they need to stop illegal gun smuggling,” he said.

Rachel Emmanuel contributed to this report.

peter wilson


Peter Wilson is a reporter based in Ontario, Canada.