Canada’s Health Minister requires booster shots every nine months to keep vaccines “up to date”


Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos states that Canadians need to take COVID booster shots every nine months to keep their vaccination status “up-to-date.”

“What exactly does the latest vaccination mean? To be clear, the latest means that you have received your last dose in the last nine months,” Duclos said. It is stated in. Press conference June 30th.

“If you’ve already received your first booster, that’s great. Make sure you’re eligible to keep your second or third booster up to date.”

Duclos is effectively joined by Dr. Teresatam, Federal Chief Public Health Officer, and Dr. Matthew Tunis, Secretary-General of the National Immunological Advisory Board (NACI), and COVID-19 and other public health, including border measures. Provided the latest information on restrictions.

“It doesn’t make sense to be” completely vaccinated “now, so it’s about the” up-to-date, “” said the Minister of Health, and the idea of ​​being “up-to-date” is the “right way” to think about vaccination. I added. from now on.

He claimed that the immunity given by the two doses of the COVID vaccine given last year was “now diminished.”

“Although it may have been infected, it is likely to be re-infected and there are all disorders, including the risk of developing long-term COVID symptoms,” he said.

Tam reiterated Duclos’ message, stating that new variants of the COVID-19 virus continue to emerge and spread around the world.

“The latest vaccinations will continue to be the basis of our protection individually and collectively to help reduce the spread leading to recurrence and significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19.” She said.

NACI recommendations

A report According to NACI on June 29, authorities will “continue to monitor evidence” and provide guidance on the type and timing of COVID-19 vaccines for subsequent booster doses.

Recommendations include providing booster shots to people at high risk of serious illness with COVID-19, such as long-term care resident, prisoners, and the general public over the age of 65.

“NACI recommends that all other individuals aged 12-64 years be offered a reduction in the booster dose of COVID-19, regardless of the number of booster doses they have previously received,” the report said. I am saying.

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.