Canada’s vaccination rate is higher than the United States


Canada has overtaken the United States with a second vaccination rate after being a few months behind its southern neighbor.

As of July 16, 48.45% of Canadians were fully vaccinated against Covid-19, compared to 48.05% of Americans.

If Canadian vaccine advances continue, it may open the border to US travelers after a 16-month closure, Justin Trudeau said this week.

In the United States, vaccination rates have leveled off amid concerns about an increase in Covid-19 cases.

President Joe Biden failed to meet his self-setting goal of 70% of vaccinated adults by the holiday weekend of July 4. About 68% of Americans over the age of 18 have at least one shot.

The White House and local governments have turned to both creative solutions and celebrity guest performers to combat vaccine hesitation.

Michigan, Ohio, and California are one of the states that offer cash lottery to residents who receive jabs. Pop superstar Olivia Rodrigo appeared at the White House this week to promote youth vaccination. NASCAR will host a vaccine drive this weekend.

Vaccine promotion is now becoming more urgent, as infections are increasing in all states due to the proliferation of variants. Still, the number of cases remains dramatically lower than during peak winters.

In Canada, vaccination rates have slowed in recent weeks after a sharp rise in late March.

Canadian vaccine deployment

Canadian vaccine deployment

The two northern regions of Canada, the Yukon Territories and the Northwest Territories, are leading the country with approximately 75% and 72% of residents vaccinated, respectively.

Vaccine growth is steadily declining in Covid-19 cases. After the sudden third wave of this spring, Canada reported about 3,000 infections this week. This is the lowest since last summer.

Trudeau said on Thursday that about 80% of eligible Canadians were protected by at least one vaccination, with a non-mandatory trip to Canada for fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents from mid-August. He said he plans to start permitting foreign travelers. September.

Canada has curtailed almost all non-essential travel by foreigners since March 2020. Trudeau faces growing pressure to show plans to reopen the US-Canada border.

Of the G20 countries, Canada is currently by far the best in vaccination coverage. According to the New York Times Global Tracker, the proportion of fully vaccinated populations around the world remains around 15th, with the United States just behind it.

Vaccine comparison in the US, Canada, Israel and Mexico

Vaccine comparison in the US, Canada, Israel and Mexico