Canadian Army Considering Capability to Strengthen NATO in Eastern Europe: Minister

Defense Minister Ottawa-Anita Anand said the Canadian Army is considering the ability to send reinforcements to strengthen the eastern side of NATO, taking into account many other commitments at home and around the world. increase.

However, the minister has stated when such an assessment will end, or when the Liberal Party government will decide whether or not Canada will support the military alliance in the conflict with Russia. not.

Comments come this afternoon as Anand concludes his two-day meeting with 30 NATO alliance counterparts in Brussels.

Many defense ministers in the United States, Canada, and Europe have spent a considerable amount of time discussing the best ways to respond to Russia’s military buildup at the Ukrainian border.

Anand states that Canada has already led a NATO battlegroup in Latvia, including 540 Canadian troops, and is increasing support for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s recent actions.

However, Anand said he was discussing additional commitments with senior military leaders and members of the government, but said the minister would be systematic and “very careful” in assessing the situation before the government announced it. Insist.

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