Canadian Army Limits Tested as Fear of War with Russian Mount

The limits of the Ottawa-Canadian Army are being tested with hundreds of additional troops and hardware deployments to strengthen the NATO military alliance in Eastern Europe.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Tuesday that Canada will deploy an additional 460 Canadian troops to assist NATO in confrontation with Russia, including artillery units, naval frigate ships, and surveillance aircraft.

Last week, Defense Minister Anita Anand made a pledge, despite acknowledging concerns about over-expanding the armed forces in light of numerous existing pledges and growing staff shortages.

David Perry, a defense analyst at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, said that deploying additional frigates in Europe, where Canada already has frigates, will almost certainly require trade-offs elsewhere.

This is because 12 Canadian frigates are beginning to age, while Navy seafarers are already thin in number.

Also, how the deployment of additional troops in Europe will affect Canada’s other military involvement in Asia, as well as in the Middle East, where hundreds of Canadian troops continue to participate in the fight against Islamic State. I’m not sure.

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