Canadian border workers vote for the blow as soon as August 6

Canadians said that next month, postal turmoil at the border with the United States, after members of the union representing approximately 9,000 Canada Border Services Agency employees jeopardized the federal government’s plans to reopen and agreed with the attack. You may face a slowdown.

The Canadian Civil Service Alliance and its Customs and Immigration Union announced on Tuesday that its members may strike immediately in August. 6. Three days before full vaccination, US citizens can visit Canada for two weeks without quarantine.

PSAC-CIU represents 5,500 border service officers, 2,000 headquarters staff, and other workers in Canada Post’s facilities and inland executive operations.

Strikes can cause significant delays in courier and travel services, Chris Isleward, national chairman of the Canadian Public Services Alliance, told reporters Tuesday.

“We’ve been negotiating for over three years, but employers have totally refused to address serious workplace issues that affect our members,” said Aylward.

The union is currently calling on Finance Commission President Jean-Yves Duclos, Public Security Minister Bill Blair, and CBSA President John Osowski to return to the negotiating table.

Members hired by the CBSA and the Finance Commission have had no contracts for nearly three years and began a strike vote in June after negotiations broke down between the two sides in December. They voted “overwhelmingly” in favor of the strike, Aylward said, but the exact number was not disclosed.

Unions and employers have been unable to agree on better protection for employees who claim that the union will match other law enforcement personnel throughout Canada and deal with a “toxic” workplace culture.

CBSA employees have not signed contracts since 2017, during which time the union has negotiated protection against excessive discipline and harassment, whistleblower protection, and telecommuting provisions.

Mark Weber, national chairman of the Customs and Immigration Union, told reporters that CBSA employees are often under threat of “severe discipline and abuse” by executives in the authorities. A member of the union.

According to Weber, more than 90% of non-CBSA uniformed employees have been working from home since the pandemic, which has no impact on productivity.

Weber added that employees are seeking the same wages as employees of other Canadian law enforcement agencies.

“CBSA refused to negotiate on any of these major issues. Instead, they want to regain many of the benefits we have and are we interchangeable? He treated me like this, “Weber said.

Unions can cause serious disruption to the flow of goods, services and people entering Canada, as ongoing labor disputes can slow traffic at the border and collect mail, tariffs and taxes. Warns that it may affect.

At an event in PEI Charlottetown on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the federal government would work closely with the CBSA union in contract negotiations.

“Although it was a tough year for people in almost every task, border guards … have more and more things to check when people cross borders for important trips,” Trudeau said. He added that he wanted no confusion.

CBSA spokesman Judith Gadbois-St-Cyr said in an email statement that 90% of Canada Border Services Agency staff were identified as essential and will continue to work. She added that the agency “quickly responds to any work behavior / disruption to maintain border security and security.”

Weber said people working during the strike only had to carry out their “essential” obligations. The union does not yet have a plan for what the strike will be, but he added that he might use it if a work-to-rule or rotation strike is called.

The government will allow fully vaccinated U.S. citizens to visit Canada from 9 August, as well as to travelers from other countries who have been fully vaccinated on 7 September. We are also planning to open the border.

The Finance Commission and the Public Security Bureau have not yet responded to requests for comment.

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