Canadian coach Herdman praises team leadership and self-confidence

The Canadian men’s soccer team continues to exceed expectations and the world is in the spotlight.

Head coach John Herdman He talked about how the collective beliefs and leadership qualities of the Canadian team were built. This allows the team to become collectively stronger as the situation gets tougher.

“Once that trust is gained, technical excellence, they support our tactics, they support our strategy, and they play like when they are 100% behind someone. You get the results, “he said at his post-match press conference on January 30th.

“And when you get the clarity of trust and technical excellence, you get chemistry. That’s what you’re starting to see. Players are starting to hide each other’s weaknesses,” Herdman adds. I did.

Canada has now defeated two lasting powers in the CONCACAF region, Mexico and the United States, with two wins and two draws in the final eight teams of the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifying tournament.

Canada remained undefeated in the tournament after defeating second-placed United States 2-0 in Hamilton, Ontario on January 30th.

In games where the United States owned more balls, it was Canada that was far more deadly in the attack and decisive in the defense. Canada lacked the service of the best player Alphonso Davies, nor the talent of one of the best midfielders, Stephen Eustáquio.

Canada is now almost 100% sure to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but it needs to be officially qualified in the final round of March.

Soccer ruler FIFA We chose Canada as the most improved team in 2021. Canada has reached the semifinals of the 2021 Gold Cup and is the only undefeated team in the CONCACAF region of North and Central America and the Caribbean. Canada finished 72nd in 2020, but by the end of 2021 it had risen to 40th in the rankings.

“New Soccer Canada”

Canada is no longer a pushover and they are scared when the team is now facing Canada, the goalkeeper said. Milan Borjan..

“This is the new football Canada,” he said in a post-match comment.

“It’s been a long time. This is for us. This is for Canada.”

Borjan, playing in his hometown, made a miraculous save from a close-range header after a corner kick in the United States in the first half.

Toronto FC midfielder Jonathan Osorio, despite being 29 years old, is a veteran of the team, the team is like a family and “willing to fight for each other”.

“they [United States] I took a little control and had most of the control in most games, but I’m very proud of how the team today defended as a unit.

TSN Soccer Expert and Former Scottish International Steven Caldwell He pointed out how Canadian confidence has grown over the past few years. The United States owns far more balls and spends most of the game (especially in the second half) on Canadian territory, but the Canadians didn’t crack.

Epoch Times Photo
Canadian football supporters will take action on January 30, 2022 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (Canada Soccer)

“It’s come to the point where we’re here today and they don’t have to dominate the ball,” he said in a TSN post-match summary. “They don’t have to participate in the game, [are] Don’t worry about the fact [they’re] I don’t own it, but I find it comfortable and safe. “

I don’t own much, but I still need the ability to move quickly to find a way to threaten the opposition’s goals.

Canada has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to make a rapid transition from defense to attack. Fullback Sam Adekugbe’s injury time goal is the result of controlling long and hopeful clearance, achieving the US goal, and calmly scoring about 20 yards away.

Canada also won 2-0 on January 27 in Honduras, marking its first victory since 1985 in a Central American country. This victory took place in the 1986 World Cup qualifying, where Canada last passed the qualifying.

Star striker Jonathan David scored a world-class goal with a long pass after a chest to allow the ball to pass over the Honduras keeper.

This is another example of how talented and confident this Canadian team is.

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