Canadian doctor forced to promote euthanasia calls euthanasia practice ‘illegal’ and ‘unethical’

More than 1,500 of Canada’s publicly funded psychiatrists, pediatricians, medical professors and general practitioners have joined an organization opposing the government’s expansion of Death Care Assistance (MAID). In March 2023, lethal injections will be available for patients suffering from conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD, or other emotional distress.

Some critics argue that health professionals are under pressure to promote MAID because suicide is cheaper than providing care under Canada’s publicly funded health care system Yes. Group of 1,502 Canadians doctorincluding medical professors and experts, self-proclaimed Doctors and Vulnerable Canadians (PTVC) has publicly expressed its concerns about the situation. website:

“Medicine … has turned into a technical profession that allows doctors to deliberately end the lives of suffering patients. Mandated by the University of Regulation…Patients can no longer unconditionally trust medical professionals to defend their lives when they are at their weakest and most vulnerable Suddenly lethal injections become part of the repertoire of interventions offered to end their pain and suffering.”

Dr. Ramona Coelho, family physician and founding member of PTVC, based in London, Ontario Said In an interview with Ottawa Citizen, he said:

“Our profession has been forced to promote suicide instead of preventing it for a growing number of citizens. We watch in utter dismay and horror how quickly the nature of our medical profession has been destroyed.”

When Canada passed its first euthanasia law in 2016, the High Court ruled that only capable adults suffering from “serious and incurable” medical conditions are entitled to lethal injections. Safeguards have been put in place, such as a 10-day waiting period for patients to change their minds, and alternatives to euthanasia, such as government-funded palliative care programs, to reduce pain and suffering. It was the doctor’s responsibility to do so. .

March 2021, Building C-7 Passed, effective immediately, legalizing non-terminally ill adults and adolescents to request medically assisted suicide (MAID). Bill C-7 provides that patients can request and receive a lethal injection on the same day without being offered other treatment options. “While MAID (Death Medical Assistance) is considered an essential service under the Canadian Health Act, palliative care is not,” said the undersigned doctor. said on their website.

Dr. Coelho claimed in a Citizen article. or: “In an increasing number of reported cases, MAID is displacing medical and government support for people with social, economic and psychiatric problems…how can MAID Can it be prevented from being used as a tool to exempt governments from their obligation to provide? What about economic security and equal rights as citizens to life?”

According to an article in The Spectator, Canadian authorities are encouraging doctors to adopt MAID just to save money. In an article entitled “”Why Canada is euthanizing the poor?” The world’s oldest weekly magazine details the cost-saving benefits of this regimen.

“The old MAID regime saved $86.9 million a year, which is ‘net cost savings,’ in the lame language of the (Canadian Parliament’s) report. Measure C-7 will generate additional net savings of $62 million annually. Health care is expensive, especially for people suffering from chronic diseases. But assisted suicide only costs taxpayers $2,327 per “case.”And of course, those who have to rely entirely on government-provided Medicare put a far greater strain on the coffers than those with savings or private insurance. Story Think of the lifetime savings of allowing even “mature minors” access to euthanasia. “

In March 2023, the full scope of C-7 will apply and include mental health conditions. At that point, “its only underlying Canadian citizen” situation “Depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, or other psychiatric distress,” can request MAID if two medical professionals agree, reports the National Post.

Psychiatrist Grain Neilson, Ph.D., former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, told The Post, struggling “To conclude with some certainty or confidence that a mental illness is unlikely to improve.”

PTVC Physician Website quarrel “Sudden shock of illness, or a disabling accident, can lead patients to anger, depression, and guilt in need of care. The care and encouragement shown by a doctor can be the most powerful force to overcome despair and give hope.”

Neilson said psychiatrists are looking for a “robust eligibility process” before considering allowing MAID in patients. A psychiatrist will want to know that “standard treatments have been offered, tried, failed, and there is no other reasonable treatment.” Alternative proposal

Only 28% of physicians recently surveyed by the Ontario Medical Association said MAID should be allowed for the only underlying mental illness, and only 12% said they would support MAID for themselves . Patience.

The situation is so dire that Conrad Black, the stoic and penny-pinching former head of the Hollinger newspaper empire, has stepped into the fray by writing a protest. digit At National Post:

“When the health care system is broken and inadequate, it needs to be acknowledged and addressed through comprehensive reform. , nor does it seriously address the deep philosophical and practical implications of greatly increasing the number of unnatural deaths. But it is fraud, secular and ecclesiastical heresy, and, in many cases, unquestionably criminal, that under the guise of health care reform to uplift and facilitate a massive increase in suicide rates. is.”

Dr. Paul Saba, Physician and Co-Chairman from Quebec Physicians Coalition for Social JusticeA sister organization of Quebec-based PTVC, blog“We need to care for people with cognitive impairment, not euthanize them.” ask the doctor Do not perform euthanasia because it “violates the legal and ethical practices of modern medicine.” He said what the government wants to force doctors to do is “illegal and unethical.”