Canadian economy added 31,000 jobs in October

Ottawa — The economy added 31,000 jobs in October, Statistics Canada reported Friday, bringing unemployment to the lows of the pandemic era.

The unemployment rate fell from 6.9% in September to 6.7%, falling for the fifth straight month.

According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate dropped from 8.9% in September to 8.7% in October if it wasn’t included in the calculations for Canadians who wanted to work but weren’t looking for a job. ..

Profit was seen in many industries, including the hard-hit retail sector, but was offset by declines elsewhere, such as the accommodation and food service industries.

According to Statistics Canada, retailers added 72,000 jobs in October, and the industry has returned to pre-pandemic levels for the first time since March.

The Bureau of Statistics also points out a decline in self-employment, but some of them suggest that they have moved to more permanent and demanding jobs, such as the professional, scientific and technical services sectors. doing.

According to Statistics Canada, Canada’s long-term unemployed, or unemployed for more than six months, remained almost unchanged in October at around 380,000.

Leah Knoll, senior director of labor strategy at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, said the October employment report shows the uphill that remains before the labor market fully recovers from COVID-19. I am.

She said there were about 900,000 jobs to fill, adding that the mission would be more difficult than regaining the 3 million jobs lost at the start of the pandemic.

“The fact is that the difficult part is about to begin,” she says in a statement.

“Talent is a problem in every region of the country, at every level of the value chain, in every sector, and there is no silver bullet at hand.”

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