Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirms bird flu at 4th Quebec poultry farm

The number of cases of bird flu is increasing in Quebec, and four poultry farms are currently affected by the virus.

A Canadian food inspection agency confirmed on Sunday that the latest case of a highly pathogenic H5N1 strain of bird flu was detected in a herd of Resource, about 190 kilometers east of Montreal.

Outbreaks of the four farms are concentrated in the Estrie region east of Montreal, including the commercial duck farm that announced its first case last week.

Federal agencies have stated that the facility is under quarantine and recommend that other farms in the area strengthen their biosecurity measures.

The first case of bird flu in Quebec was detected in wild geese earlier this month, and outbreaks in wild and domestic populations have been reported in several other states.

H5N1 is commonly found in wild waterfowl, but can cause serious illness and death in domestic populations.

Although rarely can infect humans, laboratories say bird flu is not a serious public health concern for healthy people who are not in regular contact with infected birds.

Canadian press