Canadian Foreign Minister Condemns Hong Kong’s Independent Media Apple Daily’s Forced Closure

Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau statement On Wednesday, it blamed China’s national security law following the announcement of the closure of Apple Daily, one of the few independent media outlets in Hong Kong.

“The forced closure of the newspaper Apple Daily as a result of accusations under Hong Kong’s national security law has severely impacted Hong Kong’s freedom of the press and freedom of speech, and national security law has suppressed media freedom. It is used as a tool to punish opponents, “Garno said.

In recent years, the Beijing and Hong Kong governments have constantly attempted to deny the Soviet-Japanese Joint Declaration, which drafted the Hong Kong Basic Law. This is a “mini-constitution” that guarantees the regional democratic system and capitalist economy for 50 years. A principle often referred to as a “one country, two systems” policy.

Beijing’s adoption of strict National Security Act in June 2020 is widely interpreted as effectively invalidating the principles. Two of Apple Daily’s directors are currently facing conspiracy charges punished for life imprisonment under the National Security Act, but paper founder Jimmy Lai is currently in custody and another national security. Waiting for trial.

“Canada firmly supports the one country, two systems principle and Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy,” Garnot said. “The expulsion of major media organizations under the National Security Act significantly exacerbates these principles guaranteed under the Sino-British Joint Declaration.”

“These freedoms are universal human rights guaranteed under Hong Kong’s basic law and are in line with international standards,” Garnot said.

Apple Daily was founded in 1995. This was two years before Britain handed over Hong Kong to the Communist-led People’s Republic of China. The media started out as a tabloid known for reporting celebrity scandals, but also supported democratic values.

A statement Apple Daily’s parent company, Next Media, announced that print and online newspapers will be closed at midnight on June 23.

Report by Frank Fang

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