Canadian judge reserves decision on delivery of Huawei CFO


Vancouver, British Columbia (AP) —A Canadian judge is a senior executive at Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies after concluding his proceedings saying that a Canadian Justice Department lawyer has sufficient evidence to show her. She withheld her decision on Wednesday as to whether she should be banished to the United States is dishonest and deserves trial in the United States.

Deputy Judge Heather Holmes is likely to announce on October 21 the time to decide whether Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer and daughter of the founder, will be handed over. Stated.

Meng was arrested at an airport in Vancouver in late 2018 at the request of US authorities. Her arrest infuriated Beijing. Beijing sees her case as a political move planned to prevent the rise of China.

The United States claims to have misunderstood HSBC Bank for its commerce in Iran and committed fraud, hoping that the handed over Meng will face fraudulent charges. Huawei has accused it of selling equipment to Iran in violation of US sanctions using a Hong Kong shell company called Skycom.

The defense lawyer claims that there is not enough evidence to justify her surrender.

However, in his final submission, Justice Attorney Robert Freighter claims that there is no evidence that Meng misrepresented the bank at risk of sanctions violations.

“I say there is a strong incident here. Meng Wanzhou was dishonest,” Freiter said. “We have responded to our burden.”

By not revealing the true relationship between Huawei and Skycom, Men put HSBC at risk of violating US sanctions on Iran, he said.

“HSBC has been deprived of a fair opportunity to take the necessary actions,” Freighter told the judge.

Meng said he was honest in part of a meeting with HSBC executives, but she didn’t say “the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Freighter said it was the bank’s decision to send money from Skycom via the United States, and that the defense was trying to “blame the victim.”

The Chinese government has criticized the arrest as part of an effort to thwart US technological development. Huawei, a manufacturer of networking equipment and smartphones, is China’s first global technology brand and is at the heart of tensions between the United States and China on technology and information system security.

Meng, who attended the hearing with an electronic monitoring device on his ankle, followed the procedure through an interpreter.

Whatever the judge’s decision, it will probably be appealed.

The incident worsened relations between Canada and China.

Entrepreneur Michael Spavor and a former Canadian diplomat were detained by what critics called “hostage politics” after Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou was arrested at Vancouver Airport on December 1, 2018. I did. They were arrested in China in clear retaliation for Meng’s arrest.

This month, a Chinese court sentenced Spavor to 11 years in prison for espionage.

In another case, the Liaoning High People’s Court in northeastern China dismissed an appeal by Robert Schellenberg of Canada, whose 15-year sentence on drug smuggling charges was extended in January 2019 following Meng’s arrest. ..

Meng remains on bail in Vancouver and lives in a mansion.

Beijing has denied a link between Meng’s case and the arrest of Spaver and Kobrig, but Chinese officials and state media have said they are allowed to return to China. Frequently mentions men in Beijing.

Canada and other countries, including Australia and the Philippines, are facing trade boycotts and other Chinese pressures in the conflict with Beijing over human rights, coronaviruses and control of the South China Sea. The United States has warned that US travelers are facing “an increased risk of arbitrary detention” in China for reasons other than law enforcement.

China sought to put pressure on Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by imposing restrictions on the import of canola seed oil and other products from Canada.

Meanwhile, Beijing has blocked imports of Australian wheat, wine and other commodities after the government called for an investigation into the cause of the coronavirus pandemic.