Canadian Justice Minister threatens to seize “Pro Trump” convoy donor bank accounts

Canada’s Minister of Justice says people who are members of the “Protrump Movement” donating to protests declared illegal by the government may freeze their bank accounts.

Minister David Lametti commented in an interview with CTV New’s Evan Solomon on February 16 after asking if the Canadians who donated Solomon to the trucking fleet’s protest could seize his account.

“Many people said,” I don’t like your vaccine obligations, so I donated it. It’s illegal now. Do I have to worry that the bank will freeze my account? ” Evan Solomon, the host of CTV’s PowerPlay, said. He asked Rametti on February 17th.

Rametti replied, yes, that some donor accounts are eligible.

“If you are a member of the Protrump movement, which is donating hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars to this kind of thing, you should be. [worried]Rametti replied.

Rametti’s remarks were made after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted an emergency law on February 14 to deal with ongoing truck driver demonstrations in Ottawa and elsewhere in the country. Since the end of January, the law has given authorities additional drastic authority, including the ability to force tow truck companies to remove trucks camp in downtown city centre.

Several measures have also been added by the federal government to reduce funding for protests. This includes the expansion of money laundering prevention mechanisms into crowdfunding platforms and digital currencies. Banks can also freeze the accounts of individuals or businesses involved in the protest.

On February 17, Deputy Prime Minister and Treasury Minister Chrystia Freeland said at a news conference that banks had begun to freeze the accounts of some entities using information provided by law enforcement agencies.

“Both individual and entity names, as well as cryptocurrency wallets, are shared with financial institutions by RCMP, accounts are frozen, and more accounts will be frozen,” Freeland said. ..

Trudeau said in a February 14 announcement that emergency measures are time-limited and will be used in a targeted and proportional manner.

Rametti said CTV news On February 16, the federal government confirmed that it was ready to renew the emergency law for more than 30 days before it expired.

“If it expires in 30 days and you are in a position to guarantee the safety and security of Canadians, we will revoke it. If you need to renew, we will renew, but not. I hope, “he replied.

The protests began in opposition to the federal government’s vaccination obligations for truck drivers from the United States to Canada, which came into effect on January 15. -Weekly quarantine upon re-entry to Canada.

After the truck driver drove cross-country to Ottawa, which arrived on January 29, the protest quickly spread to the national movement, and many joined to oppose all COVID-19 obligations and restrictions. did.

Most Canadian Prime Ministers say the federal government’s decision to enforce emergency legislation is unnecessary.

Noé Charter and Omid Ghoreishi contributed to this article.

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