Canadian military must strive to become ‘anti-racist organization’: Defense

The Canadian military has demonstrated racism through its policies and “power dynamics” and must strive to become an “anti-racist organization” while recognizing the existence of “white privilege,” Defense said. Department of Defense (DND) said:

The DND report, entitled “A Guide to Courageous Conversations About Racism and Discrimination,” obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter, states that “Racism and discrimination still enter the workplace through prejudice, privilege, policy and the dynamics of power. It is appearing.”

The report is part of a larger report titled “Anti-Racism Toolkit,” written by the Commanding General, which seeks to educate members of the military on “how white and white supremacy are incorporated into policies and processes.” outlines how to consider

There are also reports that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) must “practice compassionate efforts” to become an “anti-racist organization.”

“We all have to change our mindsets and work to promote an inclusive workplace, and together we must acknowledge that we are different”. , are important for understanding and demystifying the assumptions and prejudices we have, both visible and unseen.”

According to the report, members of the Canadian Armed Forces should ask themselves “racially and culturally grounded questions” to raise awareness of issues of the past and the future.

“Think about how history and politics shape or influence your personal experience and that of your colleagues within your organization,” he said, adding that interacting with fellow service members is a way to “perceive” racial issues. It should be the first step to raise awareness and awareness. Enact change.

“White Privilege”

According to Blacklock’s, other measures outlined in the report include “white privilege,” defined as “unearned power, benefits, advantages, access, or opportunities based on membership in dominant groups.” includes recognizing the existence of

Military officials should acknowledge “white vulnerability,” which they define as “a condition in which even minimal racial stress becomes intolerable for whites to provoke a variety of defensive movements,” “Exploring what whiteness and white supremacy would look like,” he said. Embedded in policies and processes. ”

The report also raised a number of “common themes” that it said might come to mind when discussing race issues with peers.

These include: “Racism is largely over or is disappearing over time,” “People of color are fixated on race,” and “Racism is itself It may include negative ideas such as ‘discrimination and discrimination’ and ‘claiming that discrimination plays a role of race’.” card or it’s opportunistic” and so on.

The Epoch Times previously reported that the CAF is seeking to address discrimination and “systemic racism” through an organizational overhaul that includes educating members in Critical Racial Theory (CRT).

A DND spokesperson told the Epoch Times in November 2022 that the CRT will be used to determine how best to bring about “meaningful systemic and institutional change.”

Noé Chartier contributed to this report.