Canadian MPs Condemn Hong Kong Epoch Times Attack

Sevearl Canadian lawmakers have accused the Hong Kong Epoch Times of assaulting printing facilities and called on the Chinese administration to respect press freedom.

On April 12, four masked men broke into a printing facility at the Epoch Times in Hong Kong, crushing equipment with a hammer and dumping construction waste into a machine. Due to this attack, the printing function was temporarily stopped.

“I was shocked to learn that there was such a blatant attack. This is a direct violation of the international norms of protecting freedom of the press and freedom of speech,” said Conservative Defense Minister James.・ Rep. Bezan said.

Epoch Times Photo
Conservative Rep. James Bezan will ask questions during the question period at the House of Commons on the hills of Parliament in Ottawa on October 27, 2016. (Canadian Press / Adrian Wild)

Bezan described the attackers as “thugs likely to be associated with the Chinese Communist Party” and said their violence was an attempt to deny “the proper democratic process in Hong Kong.”

“This is evidence and evidence that the Chinese Communist Party has ceased freedom of speech, destroyed norms of human rights, and is more interested in the freedom of citizens we enjoy throughout the democratic world.” Said Bezan.

“We all have to keep standing together in the face of this tyranny coming from the highest levels in Beijing,” he said.

Independent Senator Marilow McFedran said that press freedom is the key to democracy and peace, and that the attack on press freedom “seems to be related to a nation trying to suppress or silence the media.” I’m concerned about everything, “he said. Ours in the world as global citizens. “

Epoch Times Photo
Marilou McPhedran, an independent senator in Ottawa on November 16, 2016. (The Canadian Press / Justin Tang)

“This latest attack is an indicator of Hong Kong’s very serious decline,” McFedran said. “And again, we see China as the world’s main bully.”

Conservative diplomatic critic Michael Chung has previously denounced the attack and called on Ottawa to oppose the Chinese government’s crackdown on press freedom.

“this isTuck follows the BBC’s ban on Beijing from broadcasting in China and the expulsion of dozens of foreign journalists from mainland China, “Chung said in a statement. “There are concerns about the oppression of independent media outlets in China. Conservatives are calling on the Trudeau government to stand up and speak in free press against Beijing’s crackdown in Hong Kong.”

Epoch Times Photo
Conservative Rep. Michael Chung will rise during the questioning period at the House of Commons on the Parliamentary Hill in Ottawa on December 10, 2020. (Justin Tan / Canadian Press)

This latest attack was the fifth time the Epoch Times Hong Kong office had been attacked. Most recently, in November 2019, a baton-wielding individual broke out in a printing warehouse, causing enormous damage.

“This criminal offense on April 12, the second institution in the last 18 months, is the latest in Hong Kong’s increasingly stringent crackdown on basic freedom and human rights, especially in this case press freedom. It’s progress, “freedom of expression,” conservative Senator Tanhainugo said in a statement.

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File Photo Conservative Senator Tan Hai Nugo. (The Epoch Times / The Epoch Times)
Epoch Times Photo
Screenshots of the conservative Senator Tanhainugo’s statement. (The Epoch Times)

“I categorically condemn this brutal attack on the Epoch Times press, known for its independent, honest and uncensored coverage of China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” Ngo said. “We can only protect these values ​​by allowing all media to publish freely, without fear of violent retaliation.”

Epoch Times Photo
Conservative Rep. Kenny Chiu will rise during the question period at the House of Commons on April 13, 2021. (Canadian Press / Adrian Wild)

Conservative Rep. Kenny Chiu said the people of Hong Kong should not be exposed to the violent attacks that took place at the Epoch Times facility in Hong Kong, and that press freedom should be upheld. It was.

“I know they’ve already been hit by multiple attacks because of the Epoch Times, and it’s that people from all over the world from liberal democracies like Canada [like] I certainly understand how disgusting it is, and I want to blame such activities. “

Epoch Times Photo
Conservative MP Arnold Fie Azen.

Conservative Rep. Arnold Wielsen has also joined the choir against the attack on press freedom.

“I’m amazed at these latest reports of attacks on media like the Epoch Times,” Fearzen said. “I’m calling on the Liberal government to stand up and speak in free press against Beijing’s crackdown in Hong Kong.”

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