Canadian Prime Minister Enters Day 2 of Meeting in Victoria

Victoria — Canada’s Prime Minister will meet again today in Victoria after a day of healthcare-dominated talks.

Affordable issues and economic recovery are among the other topics at the table during the federation’s summer meeting, which concludes today.

On Monday, the Prime Minister urged the federal government to increase its share of health care funds from the existing 22 percent to 35 percent in the face of staff shortages.

British Columbia Prime Minister John Horgan, who chairs and hosts the council, said the health care system needs to be rethought with plans for sustainable human resources and stable federal funding.

Eight months have passed since the federal government promised to sit down with the prime minister and come up with a strategy to restore the health system, and the meeting has been postponed.

According to Hogan, the Prime Minister has also shared ideas for combating inflation and rising living costs, and hopes to see a great deal of federal support in that area as well.

“The idea of ​​Quebec is as valid as the idea of ​​British Columbia,” Hogan said on Monday.

Some of the causes are global, such as the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine and the Russian invasion, but the effects are local and require sustained intervention, he said.

“These are earthquake issues that are shaking the international economy and we cannot escape them. But collectively, best practices, what can be done in each jurisdiction, and most importantly, , We will work together to find out how we can work with the federal government to address these challenges. “

Canadian press