Canadian soldiers exiled by Vax mission say

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who have left the facility or have been deported for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine say they feel betrayed by the organization they vowed to serve.

The Epoch Times interviewed several former soldiers who were willing to talk about their experiences on record.

The CAF Directive on Forced Immunization was issued in October last year and members were required to prove their status by mid-November.

The directive left the possibility of seeking tax exemption for a variety of reasons, including medical or religious reasons, but accommodation was rarely allowed.

The federal government suspended vaccination obligations on its workforce in June, but CAF obligations remain valid during review.

Former soldiers who spoke to The Epoch Times had various reasons for not wanting a jab, and the central issue revolved around individual choices and their own risk assessments.

Anything that wanted accommodation was rejected, and some chose voluntary release to avoid damaging records with the horrifying mention of “5 (f), unsuitable for further service.” ..

Not appropriate’

“I was released for the same reason I participated, which was to support what I believed,” says Justin Tenhage, who served as a reserve infantry for seven years.

Tenhage recently joined veteran James Topp, who marched from Vancouver to Ottawa to protest his vaccination obligations as part of his journey.

Epoch Times Photo
Several Canadian soldiers expelled on a vaccination mission on a military march with veteran James Top (L), Dr. Paul Alexander (R), and other supporters of Dunrobin, Ontario, June 29, 2022. .. (Noé Charter / The Epoch Times)

“Sure … there was a sense of betrayal,” he says when explaining how he feels about being kicked out of the army over his mission.

“You are not worthy to train to fight and die for your brothers, your regiment, and your leaders, and to stand up for your choice and for what you believe in. It’s really difficult to be told. “

Tenhage states that he felt forced to voluntarily release himself in order to avoid a 5 (f) discharge so as not to affect his future career orientation.

Personal belief “

Nicholas Collins served as a vehicle engineer for four years.

He chose not to remove the vaccine from his “personal belief” that he did not need the vaccine. “I also believe that people need to choose whether to take it,” he says.

Collins did not seek tax exemption and did not seek release. Instead, he underwent administrative review in November and was released under 5 (f) in May.

Young veterans say it’s a shame that the CAF has released so many members while they are in desperate need of personnel.

“They are already taking careers and troops in need of personnel, and when they need people like us, they get rid of hundreds of them,” he says.

“After what I’ve experienced, I’ll never see the CAF in the same way,” he added.

“Since I left, I’ve found that I’m much better physically and mentally,” he says.

Collins is currently working part-time and started his own home-based business.

The moment of death “

Logistics officer Natasha Lis, who has been working for 18 years and works remotely in another state, wanted to escape the mission.

Lis states that he chose not to be vaccinated because the individual is in good health, is relatively young, and has no safety data on injections.

She sought tax exemption because of discrimination as defined by the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA).

Lis said he was concerned about the effects of the vaccine on women’s health, including disturbed menstrual cycles and adverse fertility effects.

After being denied accommodation, she was referred to a medical officer to answer her questions about vaccine safety, but she says he was unable to answer those questions. He also told her that her concerns were valid, but “for more than a decade, these questions will not be answered.”

“Yes, I sent a release request once I received confirmation that my concern was valid,” she says. She is familiar with the CAF management process and has followed that path to avoid smearing records.

“I think I’m experiencing different stages of sadness,” Lis says of the release process.

“Originally, it felt like a complete and complete betrayal … I was really upset and spent a lot of time.”

Epoch Times Photo
Defense Minister Anita Anand speaks with military personnel after touring the CC 177 Globemaster Aircraft at Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Trenton, Ontario, on April 14, 2022. (Canadian Press / Christopher Katsarov)

Lis states that the procedure is “terribly” lacking in fairness due to the hasty tax exemption process and lack of support for members looking for accommodation.

She says she had given her “whole adult life” to the facility and planned to be involved for another 15 years.

“”[I] I really believed that what I was doing was contributing to the success of the facility and making people’s lives better, “she said, and it was difficult to” tear “it.

Lis says the past few months have been “trials”, but now new goals are being set. She is currently studying to apply for law school.

got thrown away”

“I feel like I was thrown away like garbage,” says artillery Jade Grainger, who has nine years of work experience.

“I served in this unit for nine years and they preached brotherhood and how we are a family. I believed it until I took another look, but then they I punished me and tried to use me as an example, “he says.

Grainger says he refused the jab due to lack of testing and long-term safety data. “I was worried after most of my friends and family who received the jab had very serious medical problems,” he said.[s] after that. “

Grainger did not seek tax exemption and instead chose to release it voluntarily. He says he submitted the paperwork before the deadline, but his chain of command wanted to prosecute him for “not following direct orders” and “acts that did not become CAF soldiers.”

He was then said to be released on the basis of 5 (f), but complained about the lack of due process. He says the indictment was dropped and he was voluntarily released after threatening to involve the proponent president (military lawyer).

Grainger currently operates his business as a mobile welder and arborist.

I was shocked. “

Sandra Carmichael works in the military communications department and has 25 years of work experience.

When she heard that she had a vaccination obligation, she said it was “quite shocked”, saying it was against the military’s “ethics and spirit.” She said she had never previously known that employers “accept people and their choices” and mandated “universal solutions” that could affect the health of their members. rice field.

Carmichael rejected the jab based on her beliefs and requested religious accommodation, but was rejected. She says the military told her that her claims seemed to be based on false information about her physical autonomy and vaccines.

She had previous research experience and argued that her application was well-procured, and in dissatisfaction with the military, “I have physical autonomy, so absolutely It is based on physical autonomy. “

Carmichael called for voluntary release, but it wasn’t really voluntary, she said, “coerced.”

Epoch Times Photo
On January 2, 2022, a person withdrew the Moderna vaccine while driving the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic at St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario. (Canadian Press / Lars Hagberg)

After many years of service, she felt “avoided” in the process of liberation and was unable to give proper farewells or receive the unit’s flag.

“I’m very proud of the CAF, I’m a soldier, and I’m serving my country, so I’m very disappointed,” she says.

“And now I feel betrayed, because I always felt that if this happened, the CAF would step up and uphold Canadian freedom, and vice versa. did.”

She is currently working as a federal contractor.

Excluded “

One of the former soldiers who has been with us for more than 10 years did not want to publish his name because of concerns that he would endanger his future career plans.

“I and many others see this as the political purge of the military, the purge of those who dare to stand up to the mission of the Liberal Party government,” he wrote in an email.

Former soldiers say they chose not to get vaccinated because they thought the virus wasn’t worse than the flu. As a healthy young man, he didn’t need it. This choice influenced his work environment.

“I felt exiled at work, even though I was silent about my vax status and CoC alone. [chain of command] You knew it. Somehow everyone knew and heard my name and anti-baker say many times when I turned the corner. “

Former soldiers say they have never been vaccinated by taking all shots except the flu.

“But in the last two years, I have become seriously skeptical of the integrity of medical professionals,” he says.

A former soldier filed a request for accommodation, but at the same time, he says, the CoC is cracking down on unvaccinated ones. He asked for voluntary release. Only after his release did he hear that his accommodation request was denied.

Like others, he said the bond of trust with the institution was greatly influenced.

“This definitely felt like a betrayal by an army I’signed with a dotted line’… I could fight in war and I’ve always wanted to do it,” he says.


A Pentagon (DND) spokesperson told The Epoch Times on July 5 that the CAF vaccine mandate was still valid during review.

As of May 31, DND states that 157 accommodations have been granted. I didn’t know how many were rejected.

As of June 15, the DND stated that 103 regular troops had been voluntarily released, mainly because of compulsory vaccination. Another 234 was released involuntarily due to non-compliance. Currently, more than 1,200 are under corrective action or administrative review and may lead to a release.

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