Canadian Special Operations Forces Supported Major Iraqi Military Attacks at ISIL Last Month

Ottawa-Canadian Special Operations Forces Commander says his soldiers supported a large-scale military attack last month that US and Iraqi officials killed dozens of Islamic State fighters.

A two-week attack, codenamed “Operation Lady Lion,” took place in the mountains of northern Iraq, using Iraqi and Allied airstrikes to flush ISIL fighters from tunnel complexes and bunker.

Those who fled were captured or killed by Iraqi snipers.

Canadian troops were relatively quiet about what Iraq’s approximately 200 special forces soldiers have been doing in recent years.

However, in an exclusive interview with The Canadian Press, he was a major general. Peter Dawe states that his army assisted in planning the operation and subsequently assisted in ongoing surveillance, supply, and medical evacuation.

The federal government recently extended Canada’s anti-ISIL mission, which first began in late 2014, and now includes hundreds of other troops in addition to special forces soldiers until March next year.