Canadian Supreme Court ruling bail request from fashion tycoon Peter Nygård


Ottawa — Canada’s Supreme Court is expected to rule today whether Canadian fashion mogul, facing sexual trafficking and extortion in the United States, will stay behind the bar.

Peter Nygard applied to the State Supreme Court earlier this year for permission to challenge the Manitoba ruling that denied bail.

A judge in the Court of Appeals ruled that Nygård’s detention was necessary because of the size of his allegations against Nygård.

Nygård has been accused by US authorities of using his influence to seduce women and girls, promising modeling and other financial opportunities.

He denied all claims.

Nygård’s lawyer alleges that there is a contradiction in the way the court decides to imprison when it comes to the transfer hearing.

Nygård was arrested in Winnipeg under the Extradition Act last December and faces nine proceedings in the southern New York district.

It was the 80-year-old woman who was denied bail in February because of concerns about contacting witnesses if Nygård was released. He appealed the decision and was denied release again in March.

His lawyer presented the bail hearing with a release plan that included monitoring all emails and text messages. It also included home guards and 24-hour video surveillance.

Federal prosecutors claimed that Nygård had the finances and personnel available to help him interfere with the judiciary.

Nygård’s hand-over hearing is scheduled to take place in November. The transfer request from the United States details reports from seven alleged victims who are expected to testify in a criminal trial in that country.

Women insisted on their lives and their movements became dependent on sex with Nygård. They say they were forced by financial means or physical force.

Nygård is also the subject of a class action in the United States involving 57 women with similar allegations.

Canadian press