Canadian warship missing from NATO Navy for first time since 2014

For the first time in eight years, Canadian warships are not involved with either of the two NATO Naval Task Forces responsible for patrolling European waters.

Canada has been a consistent presence in the Naval Group since 2014, deploying at least one Halifax-class frigate to protect and defend the North Atlantic and Mediterranean.

The liberal federal government has emphasized deploying a second warship earlier this year as part of its response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

But Pentagon spokeswoman Jessica Lamirande said Canada has no frigates affiliated with either naval group after HMCS Montreal and Halifax returned last month.

Lamiland said the decision not to send a new frigate follows the move to deploy two ships in the Asia-Pacific region and also because of fleet maintenance and training requirements.

Canada has two small warships that help NATO detect and clear mines from European waters.

But experts say the lack of Canadian frigates in Europe means Canada will have to make trade-offs with its navy, which is suffering from a shrinking aging fleet and a shortage of trained sailors. It is said that it shows

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