Canadians “convinced to be afraid of having too many COVID-19”: Constitutional Rights Group

Two years have passed since the Government of Canada first imposed a blockade nationwide in mid-March 2020. This is a departure from the original order of the two-week blockade to “flatten the curve” for apology, among other things in COVID-19’s restrictions. From officials, the Constitutional Rights Group says.

On March 15, the Legal Center for Constitutional Freedom was released. New reportThese re-imposed and re-imposed public health policies, entitled “Two Weeks to Flatten Epidemics, Two Years to Flatten Our Freedom,” have broadened the economy for Canadians. It states that it caused physical, physical and psychological damage.

“To have a major impact on the country as a whole, the most devastating bait-and-switch is to sell the blockade to Canadians on a two-week basis, flatten the epidemic, and achieve the goal of completely eradicating the virus2 It’s been around for nearly a year, “said the Justice Center.

“Two weeks have been two years as federal, state and local governments violated the freedom of the Canadian Charter and exercised movement, travel, association, assembly, worship, expression and control of their bodies. I did. “

The group concluded that the Canadians were “convinced to be too afraid of COVID” and “have endured two years of national trauma of human rights abuses.”

The fear began with the government’s acceptance that a study led by epidemiologist Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London turned out to be an “irresponsible and vigilant prediction” for the Justice Center.based on Its modelingMore than 326,000 Canadians will die of COVID-19 in a few months, unless the government implements compound restraints, including what has become known as “social distance of the entire population” or blockade.

The Justice Center was registered by Canada 103,918 COVID-19 cases As of June 30, 2020, the number of deaths due to COVID is 8,566.

“But mysteriously, when it became clear that the theoretical problem of the’runaway’COVID was flawed, the proposed flawed solution was retained and the brand name changed.” The group said.

“The justification of government intervention to kill large economies, and the shredding of civil society structures, is no longer a” flattening of the epidemic. ” It was a complete elimination of COVID. “

The Justice Center said the government’s ever-changing story and public health objectives made Canadians suspiciously cynical. He also noted that the Government of Canada could not justify many infringements of Canadians’ freedom of the Charter through a confused and arbitrary approach.

“We have all been deprived of the Charter’s right to travel, rally, worship, and exercise control of our bodies to fight the virus that was most severely affected by a single demographic. The government has not yet provided convincing evidence that the blockade has saved the lives of those in this vulnerable minority. “

“I was advised to report if my friends and neighbors seemed to be in violation of public health rules. Friends and family quarreled violently about masks and vaccinations.”

“We were taught to fear and even hate each other.”

In the second year since these measures were imposed, the Legal Support Center called for changes and made recommendations in its report.

1) Promote true scientific discourse without censorship. Rationality needs to replace fear.

2) Return to the parliamentary process and refusal of “urgent” authoritarian power. The arbitrary infringement of the rights and freedoms of the Charter by the arbitrary will of government officials and non-elected health officials must never occur again.

3) The blockade strategy is injustice and does not work. All governments need to reject them. Never again.

4) A personal agency for your body is Canada’s core value. Vaccine obligations must be denied.

5) Canada’s health policy is coordinated to “live with the virus.”

6) Dismantle the compulsory infrastructure, especially the infrastructure needed to support so-called vaccine passports.

7) The federal government apologizes for promoting disagreements and objections among Canadians.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.