Canadians killed in Mexico by gang debt

Mexico City (AP) — Mexican prosecutors motivated the killing of two Canadians at a Caribbean resort on Tuesday by debt between international gangsters who are clearly devoted to drug and weapons trafficking. Said it was attached.

On Friday, prosecutors said both dead men had a criminal record in Canada, and one was a known felony with long records related to robbery, drug and weapons crimes. A third Canadian woman was injured and is being treated at a local hospital, but she is still unable to speak to the investigator.

“Investigations show that the attack was motivated by debt resulting from cross-border offenses in which the victims participated,” said Quintana Roo’s chief prosecutor, Oscar Montes. “It is information that they were involved in the trafficking of weapons and drugs, among other crimes.”

According to Montes, the attack was planned for almost a month by cartels and gangs previously unknown to be active in the area. However, following standard procedures, he refused to name the gang.

The attack took place on Friday at Hotel Xcaret Resort, south of Playa del Carmen. The attacker apparently had a guest wristband entering the resort.

Montes said the first group of assassins hired to kill Canadians in early January had given up their jobs because they had too much safety.

A second assassin jumped into the resort and carried out the killing. Officials said the two suspects arrested in previous cases were a professional kidnapper and a hired murderer in Mexico City who coordinated the plan.

Police also arrested a woman identified solely by her name, who appears to be part of a group of 10 Canadians who were on vacation at the resort. According to Montes, Nou may have met the murderers and provided information about their activities, as well as “taking care of the children” of the victims.

It wouldn’t be shocking if a Canadian gang was involved in Quintana Roo. The Caribbean coastal states have seen many circles of crime with international ties because of their vast flow of aliens.

Romanian gangs have long been active in the state, using ATM machines to clone credit cards and make illegal withdrawals. And this week, authorities arrested two Ukrainians allegedly involved in the fuel theft ring.Immigrant traffickers have long used Cancun as a base for smuggling Cuban immigrants.

Last week’s killings were the latest in a series of brave violence along the Maya Riviera coast, studded with Mexican resorts.

In November, a gun battle on the beach in Puerto Morelos killed two suspected drug dealers. Officials said there were about 15 shooters from the gang, where they seemed to challenge the control of drug sales.

In late October, further south of the laid-back destination of Tulum, two tourists (one from India-born California travel blogger and the other from Germany) revealed rival drug dealers. He was involved in a gun battle and was killed.

Following these events, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador dispatched approximately 1,500 members of the National Guard to strengthen security in the region.