Canadians stand with James Smith Cree community in grief


It is too early to withdraw our thoughts from the brutal events that took place in the James Smith Cree Nation. —and it’s all the more terrifying because we know the killer was deliberately calculated and ruthlessly pursued from house to house, in fact door to door. did. , their vicious rampage.

This was the ultimate unbridled malice and cruelty inflicted upon a close-knit and innocent community.

Every decent heart in Canada responds with great sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones to violence, to all their family and friends, and to those who have had to witness the horrendous injuries of family members and loved ones. An attack of this horror and scale caused an inevitable shock to the entire country, but the national shock was never the same as the shock wrought across the small, nearby rural communities that were the home of the rampage. They are not the same.

Epoch Times photo
People gather to mourn the victims of the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon, Saskstan mass stabbings in front of City Hall in Prince Albert, Sask on September 7, 2022. (The Canadian Press/Yu Heywood)

Unfortunately, when mass atrocities and murders occur in the heart of a city, when psychopaths and malicious gangs carry out the killings, the moral and psychological shock felt by families can be devastating to others. Same with the environment, yet the impacts on entire communities are inevitably dissipated or diffused by the brutal facts of the large population in which they occur.

This is not to suggest in any way that they are not so brutal, or that in some way the public should not or should not pay attention to the absurdity of these events. There is none.

But in the case of the James Cree Nation, there is added consideration of the tremendous repercussions of events so terrifying being played and played in the community itself, the community as a community. In a place where literally everyone knows everyone else, at one time or another everyone has had a personal interaction with a family member of a murdered, wounded or attacked person. I have. , encounters, or recollections of one or both perpetrators—the impact of the event is greatly enhanced.

I remember the tragic accident of the Ocean Ranger in Newfoundland. An offshore drilling rig was hit by a severe storm, killing all 84 crew members. It occurred in Newfoundland, a small state, and because so many of the lost workers came from a small intimate coastal port, everyone seemed to know someone.A lost friend, A degree that is personally associated with a family member who has lost a member, or who knew, met, or shared a night with the lost man.

The grief from that event darkened the entire island, leaving entire villages and outports collectively stunned and numbed by the tragedy. approaches the original event with influence.

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Darryl Burns, brother of victim Gloria Burns, addressed a Sovereign Indigenous Coalition event and made a statement about the mass stabbings that took place in the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon, Sask. September 8, 2022. (The Canadian Press/Heywood Yu)

But the Ocean Ranger disaster arose from what we call “natural” causes. It was bitter and dark, but the gravity of the deliberate harm done by fellow community members, the immense shadow, forgive the terminology used here. It is impossible to imagine how much greater and more intense the grief would have been by the fact that it had been so concentrated.

It must be an intolerable burden for the people of that town to bear such a terrible event, to face strokes and sorrows and pains on all sides, and to have to begin an excruciating effort to come to terms. What happened.

Massive global events have outstripped reactions for now, and all headlines are elsewhere. I hope that time will ease their grief as much as possible. Their fellow Canadians who think of them provide at least a sliver of light in very dark times.

Good wishes and prayers may not change things, but those offers at least have the power to color a difficult road in a positive light. is. May you find the fortitude to withstand this terrible blow that threatens your peace.

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Rex Murphy


Rex Murphy is an author, columnist, and former CBC Television and CBC Radio host.