Cancellation of a large number of flights at MIA will prevent passengers from accessing hotels and car rentals.

Airport officials confirmed that thousands of desperate passengers on Sunday were left stuck at Miami International Airport after the flight was canceled due to bad weather.

Due to the large number of cancellations, there were many ferocious leaflets that made it impossible to access hotels and car rental accommodations due to lack of vacancies and no flights available until the next few days. Passengers state that social distance is “impossible.”

“I got stuck at Miami Airport and all flights were canceled across the state,” Lauren Chamblin posted on Twitter. “All flights, buses, car rentals, etc. will be booked until Wednesday and will return to Atlanta. I’ve been waiting in line to rebook for 3 hours alongside others over 2K.”

Another passenger, Stephen Daniel, responded: [MIA].. “

MIA spokesman Gregory Chin confirmed that after noon on Sunday, heavy thunderstorms in central and southern Florida canceled flights 142 and delayed 70 flights. Affected airlines include American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.

Chin did not comment on airport plans to enforce social distance.

Delta and Southwest Airlines said Herald’s flights will be restored and will not operate until at least Monday or Tuesday. Both airlines said they may not yet have flights available for the next few days.

“My wife and I have to drive for more than 10 hours, so we have to quit our job. # Miami To #NC The flight is not guaranteed until Wednesday! “Written by one passenger.

Southwest Airlines spokesman Alyssa Foster told Herald that the airline “doesn’t support hotels or car rentals, but is working to get passengers back to their first available flight.” ..

Delta spokesman Crystal Drake said it is still unclear whether the airline will support the property. American Airlines did not comment on the accommodation plan, but they said, “We are trying to get them on their way as soon as possible.”

“Call SOS to help at Miami International Airport,” passenger Todd Gibbs posted on Twitter. “The flight was detoured and canceled due to bad weather. Unacceptable customer service to help people understand where their bags are. Some travelers who check in their baggage will charge more than 10 hours. Some people. No contact from AA. “

Other passengers tried to find humor in the situation.

“Currently, all flights from Miami are delayed or canceled, so everyone at the airport is stressed to eat McDonald’s,” Dan Koday wrote on Twitter.

The National Weather Service struck a heavy thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon to see For counties in Miami-Dade, Broward, Collier, and mainland Monroe.

“You can’t rule out one or two hail and tornado,” a federal forecaster in Miami said. Heavy rains also increase the likelihood of waterspouts and localized urban floods in some parts of South Florida.

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