Candidates stand up for Chinese rights targeted during the campaign

Election candidates who have taken a stand against the Chinese administration’s human rights abuses and interfering operations have been the target of efforts to steal votes from them, such as systematic slander campaigns, candidates and activists say.

Steveston-Conservative candidate Kenny Chiu seeking re-election on a horseback riding in Richmond East says he was the target of false information against him in a previous election campaign, but this year “it’s It was exceptional. “

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The man will enter the Ottawa pre-polling place on September 10, 2021, prior to the federal elections on September 20. (Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld)

“It’s nothing compared to what I’ve seen-it’s multidimensional,” Chiu mentions in social media posts, radio commentary, and online articles in the Pro-Beijing media that portray him negatively. I told the Epoch Times.

Canada-Hong Kong Link President Gloria Fong has a “well-organized” campaign to “slander and defame” candidates who are speaking out about human rights abuses by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) It states.

“This kind of direct interference is very obvious and is becoming more and more aggressive,” Fung said in an interview.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service said in a July report that the “frequency and sophistication” of state-sponsored activities for Canadian elections is increasing. Rarely in a public speech in February, CSIS head David Vigneault selected China and Russia as hostile foreign governments engaged in activities that directly target Canada’s national security.

A poll by Nanos, released this month prior to the September 20 federal elections, shows that the majority of Canadians want the government to be “stronger” in relations with China.

Targeting Autour

Online articles and posts aren’t just for candidates. China’s state media also released a hostile report to leader Erin O’Toole, who has a strong position against the Conservative Party and the Chinese Communist Party.

The Conservative Platform features detailed plans to deal with the Chinese administration, including fighting foreign interference and defending human rights in China. The platform emphasizes that the plan is aimed at the Chinese Communist Party administration and that conservatives are supporting the Chinese people.

so Twitter post Share editorial Regarding the Conservative Party, China’s Global Times accused the party platform of responding to Canada’s “toxic anti-Chinese atmosphere” and said it indicated them “at the end of the party.”

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Conservative leader Erin O’Toole speaks to the media in Quebec City on August 18, 2021. (Canadian Press / Ryan Remiorz)

Richard Lee, a spokesman for the Canadian Platform in Advocacy for Community Awareness (CPACA), a Toronto-based Chinese community organization, said the CCP is concerned about the possibility of a conservative government.

“The Chinese Communist Party is attacking Outur because of his policy towards the Chinese Communist Party,” he said through an interpreter.

False alarm campaign

As a member of parliament, Chiu introduced bill C-282, an act of parliament that aims to force people working for foreign entities to register as foreign agents for greater transparency.

Similar laws already exist in the United States and Australia. Shortly before the Australian version of the bill came into force in 2017, two former ministers and a former prime minister resigned from an organization with strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Mr Chiu states that his bill was intended to combat foreign interference, but was “intentionally” misrepresented to mislead people in the Chinese community into thinking it was against their interests. I am.

“Someone just reads the invoice I submitted and they will understand what it is, but it’s twisted,” he said.

One such Chinese paper The Epoch Times saw a headline that the bill was intended to “suppress the Chinese community.” The article further stated that Chiu “China I voted to support the Xinjiang Uighur bill, which I blame. ” He demanded sanctions from senior Chinese and Hong Kong government officials. “

This article encourages more people to share their posts if they are interested in “the well-being of the Chinese community”.

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Police arrested protesters participating in a democratization demonstration in Hong Kong on July 1, 2020. (BilongSong / The Epoch Times)

Chiu said a false information campaign against him was having an impact, and some people who volunteered for his campaign in previous elections did not participate this year and instead were his liberal enemies. He said he was supporting a palm bain.

The Epoch Times approached Bain’s campaign for comment, but did not receive a reply.

Chiu also says some of his supporters are feeling limited in protecting him online from slander campaigns because of family ties in China and concerns about their safety. ..

“All I want is that the information in circulation is true,” he said. “It’s sacrificing me a lot of distractions, which puts my attention aside. I would have hoped people would judge me about policy and what I did as a member of parliament. . “

Chiu says he doesn’t know who is behind the false alarm campaign against him, but says he needs to investigate.

“The attack gives the impression that it is tuned and the timing is working perfectly,” he said.

Chiu, one of the members sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party in retaliation for Canadian sanctions against Chinese authorities involved in the persecution of Uighurs, believes that the Chinese Communist Party is all about “party, country, and race.” He said he was trying to brainwash the Chinese people. In the same way, “If you criticize the party, you criticize the country itself.”

He also said that the Chinese Communist Party is being promoted in Canada to portray those who criticize it as fueling the flames of hatred for Asians.

“I can’t argue anymore,” said Chiu, who emigrated from Hong Kong to Canada in 1989.

“Canadas from more colored races, Chinese heritage, oppose racism, oppose the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in Canada, the abuse of lawyer practitioners, and the slaughter of Uighurs and Turkish Muslims. More and more Canadians are aware that the Chinese community is behind these core Canadian values. “

“Problems of the Chinese people”

Fung of the Canada-Hong Kong Link states that the federal government and the Election Commission need to be aware of such slanderous campaigns during elections.

She added that besides Chiu, there are other Canadian politicians targeted by their stance on CCP, including NDP candidate Jenny Kwan, who spoke openly in calling for democracy in Hong Kong. ..

“There was a very well-organized social media campaign to slander and slander a vocal candidate. [against CCP’s rights violations]”Fon said.

Kwan wants reelection in eastern Vancouver.

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Jenny Kwan of the NDP MP will ask questions during the question period at the House of Commons on the Parliamentary Hill in Ottawa on May 25, 2018. (Justin Tan / Canada Press)

According to a statement submitted to the Epoch Times by the campaign office, Kwan’s campaign manager Gabriel Yi is a free lunch for Fred Quoc, the organizer of Vancouver’s Chinese community, to “promote free candidates in eastern Vancouver.” I am against hosting. It undermines the “completeness of the election process.”

The Epoch Times asked for comment on the liberal campaign, but did not respond.

Quoc paid $ 1,500 for lunch on August 29th. This exceeded the Canadian Election Commission’s $ 1,650 limit, in addition to his previous political contributions. In an interview, he pursues registration as a “third party” as defined by the Canadian Election Commission as an individual or group who is unaware of the rules and currently wants to “participate in or influence elections.” I said that I am doing it.

In an invitation to the August 29 event on China’s social media platform WeChat, the Epoch Times saw, Mr. Quoc said if everyone was invited to a free lunch and liberal candidate Josh Vander Vies won. It states as follows. At least some lawmakers are paying attention to the problems of the Chinese people. “

According to a statement from Kwan’s campaign, whether her campaign manager refers to what Quoc refers to when referring to “the problems of the Chinese people” and “Kwan’s attitude toward human rights abuses and the suppression of freedom in China.” do not know. The statement adds that Kwan’s position is consistent with her position on human rights, whether in Canada or elsewhere.

Quoc has been an executive of many Chinese organizations in Vancouver, including the Vancouver China Charity Association (CBA), which is affiliated with Beijing.This is included Running ads In a Chinese newspaper blaming Hong Kong’s opposition to democratization.

He told the Epoch Times that he held an event to help the Chinese community pay attention to community-related issues such as racism, and participated in elections in the community to get to know the various candidates. I said I want you to get it. He added, “People take my word out of context,” and rejected allegations that he was promoting the Liberal Party candidate.

Mr. Quoc said he was not concerned about the position of the candidate with respect to the Chinese administration and was mainly interested in local businesses in Chinatown.

He said when asked why his CBA organization was so focused on the situation in Hong Kong when he was mostly obsessed with local issues. Please answer any more questions. “

Affect the campaign

Lee of CPACA states that it is very clear that CCP has significantly increased its influential activity in Canada’s Chinese community in recent years. This includes the management of candidates by the Chinese consulate during elections, and the management of overseas Chinese media by the administration, he says.

Lee said in the campaign that candidates for the Chinese community, known to have ties to the Chinese consulate, are more vigilant in China given the hostility of the CCP, as they used to be in China. He said he observed that he was not frank about his position. Against Canada, including the detention of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. But behind the scenes, he says, candidates will publish their views on a more private platform.

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A man holding a sign with pictures of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor detained in China on January 21, 2020 in Vancouver. (Darryl Dyck / The Canadian Press)

“Candidates have not publicly spoken about their position or support for Beijing, but can be seen expressing their views on social media and other private groups. [Huawei executive] Meng Wanzhou repeats Beijing’s position in Hong Kong and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. “

At the same time, Lee said influential activities are being fully displayed on social media to discourage voting on politicians and political parties that are against the interests of the CCP.

“They are using these social media posts to influence the Chinese community.”

With a report by Limin Zhou.

Omid Goreishi

Omid Ghoreishi is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.

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