Candle factory and Amazon workers killed in a deadly tornado pressured to survive a storm

Ryan Grimm, Kim Iversen, and Robbie Soav respond to reports that Amazon workers in Edwardsville were told they would be fired if they quit their jobs before the tornado destroyed the factory. Midwest tornado image courtesy of: satellite imagery © 2021 Maxar Technologies via AP. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show hosted by a bipartisan host that breaks the mold of morning television by taking viewers to the Washington Hall of Power like never before. The show leans towards the political cycle of the day with state-of-the-art analysis from DC insiders who can predict what will happen. It also sets the political agenda for the day by breaking the exclusive news with a team of scoop-led reporters and requesting answers during an interview with the country’s most important political newsmakers. Follow Rising on Social Media: Website: Hill.TV Facebook: Instagram: @HillTVLive Twitter: @HillTVLive