Canelo predicts KO in third match against Golovkin

Los Angeles (AP) — Canelo Alvarez has been hurt after his first defeat for nearly a decade. He is still angry with everything that happened during the five-year battle and debate with Gennady Golovkin.

Alvarez says he is determined to direct all of these bad feelings to a spectacular knockout victory over Golovkin when he completes his rival trilogy in Las Vegas on September 17.

Mexican superstars declared their third fight against Golovkin a grudge match on Friday and began promoting the showdown at a press conference in Hollywood. Alvarez (57-2-2, 39 KO) was brilliantly beaten by light heavyweight Dmitry Bivol seven weeks ago, but guaranteed to stop 40-year-old Golovkin for the first time and “definitely” retire. Did. In his career.

“(It) will be very sweet,” Alvarez said. “For me, it will be very satisfying for everything that comes around this battle.”

Even while Gorovkin (42-1-1, 37 KO) downplayed personal Animas, Alvarez’s personal aversion to Golovkin seemed terribly real. The fighter stood still on the Hollywood stage for nearly two minutes, nose-to-nose, before a fairly brief press conference.

Neither fighter can deny the inclusion of years of trash talk, especially after Canelo’s drug test failed in 2018 and before Gorovkin’s career was lost.

“He always pretends to be a good person in front of people, but he is (jerk),” Alvarez said. “That’s him. I don’t pretend to be good. That’s me. I don’t pretend to be others, and he always pretends to be in front of you,” Oh, I’m a good person. ” He is different. “

They also met in two incredibly close battles that stood in the best moments of both fighter careers. The first match of 2017 was a split draw, but Alvarez won the rematch with a majority decision.

Gorovkin sought a third fight much earlier than Alvarez. The coronavirus pandemic influenced Alvarez’s decision to wait for a rubber match for four years, but he admits he was waiting, partly because he didn’t like Golovkin.

Gorovkin dismissed Alvarez’s bold remarks about the knockout as a fighting stance.

“If it’s so personal to him, my question is why he postponed (the third fight) so long,” Golovkin asked through an interpreter. “If it’s personal, you should ask him why.”

Alvarez says he was busy rounding up all four super middleweight title belts in 2021, but it’s also because of Golovkin’s trash talk, especially in languages ​​other than English. Alvarez wasn’t specific about which comment made him stand out.

Gorovkin responded to the 2018 defeat to Canelo with a characteristic coolness, but only four times in the next four years, but with a third fight against Alvarez, a chance to redeem and a huge amount of money. A payday was provided. After taking off in 2021, Gorovkin returned Ryota Murata to the ring in the ninth round last April.

“From an emotional point of view, I’m completely calm,” Golovkin insisted. “I believe it’s just another fight. But I was still fighting and he was in a golf tournament. That’s what he should do, but he flew around in the weight class. I don’t know. “

Gorovkin’s comment was a veiled shade of Alvarez. Alvarez’s almost daily golfing habits have become popular due to his amazing defeat to Bivol last month. Alvarez said he would never stop playing golf, but he intends to improve the conditioning that made him visibly tired as the fight against Bivol progressed.

“He always says I’m scared and running away,” Alvarez said. “(He says) I’m not fighting the best guys out there, (while) he’s fighting those class D fighters. Because he’s talking a lot about me, that Is a special reason for me. “

Gorovkin will be promoted to super middleweight for the first time in his career in his third match against Alvarez, who holds all four major championship belts for £ 168. Gorovkin was a longtime middleweight champion before losing to Alvarez, but then regained his two belts.

Both fighters live in Southern California. They will meet again in New York on Monday.


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