Capitol riot participants claimed to have been allowed into the building on January 6.

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Screenshots of an open source video of Baez taken in the basement of the Capitol on January 6th. Ministry of Justice

  • California women Arrest / prosecution In connection with the Alabama Legislature riots on Friday.

  • Prosecutors claim that Stephanie Baez boasted of her attendance on Instagram during and after the riots.

  • She told authorities that she was allowed to stay inside the building because she had previously confirmed online that the Parliament building would be open.

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Suspect Capitol Riot Attendees who said the prosecution boasted of attending a Trump-backed riot on social media told authorities that they had permission to stay in the Capitol on January 6. Visit the site. I was able to.

According to court documents, a 27-year-old woman from California, Stephanie Baez, visited Washington, DC in January to attend a rally of then-President Donald Trump and toured the medical school.

She was arrested in connection with the Friday riots in Alabama, according to the report. Ministry of Justice.

According to criminal accusations, Mr. Baez recorded his experience during the attack in an extensive Instagram post, praised the “patriots” who “attacked” Capitol, and offered to interview other Instagram users. ..

“I can’t believe the hypocrisy of the left, the only bad thing Trump supporters did was to break the window,” she told Instagram users later that night, according to court documents. “Police Lets them cross the barrier, and American citizens are allowed to be in the Capitol building when something is in the session. “

A few months later, in a non-detention interview with Justice Department officials, Baez parroted the same justification for her presence in the Capitol that day.

Around January 6, the FBI received anonymous information pointing out to authorities the Instagram user who posted his video during the riot. The informant identified the user as Baez, and authorities used her phone number and California Department of Motor Vehicles records to verify her identity, criminal accusations said.

According to court records, the FBI was subsequently reported another video posted on Instagram showing Baez being interviewed in front of what appears to be the Houses of Parliament on January 6. The video was captioned, “The girl is looking for a Proud Boy!” Neo-fascist group Their members were present during the Capitol raid.

Authorities alleged that Baez confirmed that Baez was in the Capitol by identifying her in a video footage on January 6 and placing her in the area using mobile phone GPS data. Said.

On January 8th, Baez posted a photo of himself in the same black shirt seen in the open source video footage of the Capitol Raid Day on Instagram. This shirt has a photo of the author George Orwell, and the quote “BOY DID I CALL IT OR WHAT?” Belongs to him.

“Welcome to 1984! Things will be crazy,” reads Baez’s photo caption. “But as long as the patriot loves America, she won’t fall …”

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Screenshot of a January 8th post on Baez’s Instagram. Ministry of Justice.

In April, authorities interviewed Mr. Baez about attending and revealed that Mr. Báez was the owner of the Instagram account in question, the document said. She reportedly told police. He told the authorities that he believed he might be inside the Capitol. She also said that “everyone was calm” and “just following the group” and thought it was “insane” not to consider it.

According to the complaint, she believes that some participants are unaware that they should not be in the building and had previously confirmed that the Capitol was open for the tour, so the Capitol The prosecutor claimed that he had the authority to be inside. The prosecutor also examined the time because Mr. Baez was also “very close” to where Mr. Trump was speaking.

According to the complaint, during the interview, Baez identified himself in a screenshot of a video footage taken inside the Capitol on January 6. Authorities also obtained a search order for Baez’s Instagram account, and It revealed several messages confirming that Baez attended the riot, court documents said.

“My most proud moment …” she said of a photo of herself at the Capitol.

Baez was arrested on two charges, including deliberately entering and staying in unauthorized, off-limits buildings and premises, and violent entry and chaotic acts on the premises of the Capitol. It was.

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