Care Home Children Faced Decades of Abuse

London — A UK public inquiry into child sexual abuse was neglected on Tuesday when hundreds of children caring for London authorities faced “difficult to understand” levels of abuse for decades. I said there is.

From the 1960s to the 1990s, local government officials in Lambeth’s Southern London Autonomous Region cared for their children as if they were “worthless,” according to an independent study of child sexual abuse. ..

Staff in the south of London borough said they had driven vulnerable children into the path of sex offenders. They invaded children’s homes and raised nursing homes that had “catastrophic lifelong consequences for victims.”

“For decades, housing and foster children have suffered from difficult-to-understand levels of atrocities and sexual abuse,” said investigative director Alexis Jay.

“For years, bullying, intimidation, racism, nepotism, and sexism flourished within the council, all against the backdrop of corruption and financial mismanagement,” she added.

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Husna-Banoo Talukdar, 57, from South London, who said she had been repeatedly sexually abused in a Lambeth orphanage in the 1970s, was filmed on July 27, 2021. (RyanHooper / PA)

According to the investigation, the children who complained of abuse were unbelievable and were dismissed. 705 ex-residents alleged sexual assault, rape, and other forms of abuse in three Lambeth orphanages, and said many children reported abuse when it happened. However, in 40 years, only one staff member was disciplined.

According to the report, many employees of the Lambeth Council “ruthlessly ignore vulnerable children paid to care for” and black children taking care of the council. “Racism was apparent in hostile and abusive treatment,” they said.

The report urged police to consider whether there was a reason for a criminal investigation into the death of a boy who committed suicide in a long-term care facility in 1977 after alleging abuse by senior officials.

Claire Holland, the current leader of Lambeth, said the council was “deeply sorry” for the “shocking” abuse.

Husna-Banoo Talukdar said he had been repeatedly abused in a Lambeth care facility between 1976 and 1979 and said he would continue the campaign until the names of the perpetrators were announced.

“The investigation missed the opportunity to publish these names and find out who did what: the abuser, the council, and the police who concealed it,” said Taluqdar, who waived his anonymity.

After the death of child entertainer Jimmy Savile in 2011, dozens of people came out earlier saying he had abused them, and a multi-year study was organized.

The study is investigating child protection failures in a variety of situations, including church-run schools, young criminal facilities, and the Internet, and will publish overall findings next year.

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