“Career seems to be over,” says Danny Fortin, after an investigation into fraud was revealed.


Ottawa — A military officer who previously oversaw a Canadian vaccine deployment campaign said his reputation was “irreparably damaged” by the government’s decision to suddenly replace him in May, and he was sexual. It has been publicly revealed that it is being investigated for illegal activities.

Maj. Gen. Dany Fortin’s allegations were included in the affidavit last week, but were only publicly revealed on Thursday as part of a court battle to revoke the dismissal from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Fortin was removed from the vaccine deployment on May 14, five days before the Canadian Armed Forces National Investigation Agency referred to the Quebec Public Prosecutor’s Office to determine whether to file a criminal accusation.

Fortin denied cheating through a lawyer.

Fortin’s lawyer filed an application in federal court last month, seeking a quick judicial review of the decision to dismiss him from his post at PHAC, revoking the decision and returning to an agency or another position. I asked for.

In a statement of oath on 13 July, Fortin dismissed him and stated that the impact of the decision to “reveal an investigation into fraudulent activity against my reputation and career” was devastating. I will.

Fortin was “at the peak of my career”, receiving a model performance assessment just three days before being excluded from the vaccine campaign and hoping for promotions and other opportunities after finishing work at the PHAC. It states.

However, because he decided to dismiss him, “I am still a member of the CAF, but I have no mission. As far as I know, I have not considered any position and have been diverted for promotion. It seems. Now my career seems to be over. “

Fortin also challenged the government’s decision to reveal an investigation into his behavior.

The affidavit stated, “The reputation we have built up in the course of our 30 years of service to my country has been irreparably damaged by the decision to publicly publish an investigation of my alleged conduct.” It states. The context in which the investigation relates to a single allegation of fraud that dates back more than 30 years. “

Fortin’s lawyer Natalia Rodriguez said the affidavit swore the affidavit and served Attorney General David Lametti, but would not be submitted to court until September.

“We are offering it earlier than planned in terms of openness and transparency,” she said in an email. “We understand that this case has great public interest and we would like to provide the public with as much information as possible on the issues raised in this application.”

Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan spokesman Daniel Minden, who was asked to comment on Thursday, said, “This is an ongoing legal issue and it would be inappropriate to comment at this time.” It was.

Fortin’s lawyers say the decision to remove the client is unreasonable, lacks procedural fairness, and involves improper political interference with the military command system by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Health Minister Patty Haidu, and Sajan. Insisted.

None of the allegations have been tested in court.

They also claimed that the announcement of his dismissal violated his right to keep his personal information private, fueled public speculation without proper context, and caused irreparable harm to his reputation.

The affidavit Fortin reiterates many of the allegations made by lawyers in last month’s judicial review application.

He said he was the first to hear about unspecified allegations of sexual misconduct against him when he acted as Deputy Chief of Defense Chief of Defense on March 17. Wayne Eyre informed him that the gendarmerie had begun an investigation.

Later that day, after notifying the Privy Council Office about the investigation, Eyre said he would “advocate due process, presumption of innocence” and allow Fortin to continue working on the vaccine.

According to the affidavit, PHAC President Ian Stewart said much the same. However, while Fortin’s post was “OK for now,” Stewart also warned that Kaidu and Trudeau “may change their minds later,” and “they decided that you needed to let go.” You should be prepared for the moment you do it. “

“Please pack your bag,” the affidavit quotes Stewart as telling Fortin.

On April 19, Fortin said he received a phone call from a gendarmerie investigator who told him he was investigating a case of sexual misconduct allegedly occurring more than 30 years ago.

On May 13, Fortin says Hajdu and Sajjan “wanted to remove me” from the vaccine deployment, Eyre told him. The affidavit did not state why it prompted the decision, other than telling Fortin that “the’political calculation’has changed and the PCO has to remove me.”

The next day, Fortin says Eyre presented him with a written statement about his departure “holding the results of a military investigation.” The statement was “non-negotiable” except giving Fortin the option to quit his mission to PHAC.

The statement was released later that day, and Sajan issued another statement, reiterating the government’s commitment to building a “culture of inclusion” in the military “eliminating toxic and outdated values, practices and policies.” ..

“I was unaware that the Defense Minister would issue an additional public statement regarding the investigation,” Fortin said in an affidavit, adding Sajjan’s statement as “a hint to the nature of the investigation.”

“I wasn’t asked if I agreed to make these public statements,” he added.

Five days after Fortin left, gendarmerie issued a statement that allegations of sexual misconduct were being referred to the Chief of Criminal Charge in Quebec. Fortin says he learned only through the media about its development.

By Lee Berthiaume